How to Fix Orphan Pages On Your Website And Boost Your SEO

How To Fix Orphan Pages on your Wordpress Website

How to Fix Orphan Pages On Your Website And Boost Your SEO

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Orphan pages are web pages that do not have any links from other pages. It is also known as a dead-end page. These pages are often left behind when websites are redesigned. They can have a negative impact on your website’s SEO because Googlebot won’t crawl them, which can decrease the amount of traffic they receive.

To fix these pages, you’ll need to create parent pages for them and add links to those pages from the orphans. You can also try to include content on the orphans that links back to the parent page.

You can help improve the visibility of your website’s orphans and boost its overall SEO with our expert tips below.

How Do Orphan Pages Affect SEO?

Fix Orphan Pages - Newman Web Solutions - Atlanta GA

When a page is orphaned, it is no longer associated with any other WordPress pages on the website. This can have a negative impact on your SEO, as the search engines may not consider the page to be relevant or important.

Search engines use links to determine the importance of a page. Therefore, to rank your content, Google needs information about it.

Orphan pages are a great way to improve SEO because they ensure that all of your new content is included in the search engine’s index. This means that potential customers can find your content more easily and rank higher in search results.

Google is less likely to consider content that is orphaned a high priority, meaning it will not rank as highly in search results. In order to make your content more important to Google, you should link out from other related pages and posts.

Why Are These Pages Left Behind?

Fix Orphan Pages - Newman Web Solutions - Atlanta GA

This scenario can happen for a few reasons:

  • First, you might have deleted a page that was no longer necessary.
  • Second, you might have created a new page and forgotten to add it to your link-building strategy.
  • Third, you might have had a website redesign and lost some of your old pages if page urls were changed.

If you want your website to rank well in search engines, it’s important to fix orphan pages on your site. Doing so will help improve your SEO and make it easier for people who are looking for information on your topic to find you.

If you don’t fix these pages, they will not be indexed by Google and reduced search engine visibility.

How Do You Deal With Orphan Pages on Your Website?

Fix Orphan Pages - Newman Web Solutions - Atlanta GA

There are many ways to deal with orphan pages on your website. The most common way to deal with them is to link to them from other related indexed pages. Also, be sure to to check the page for its content and be sure it’s not closely related to another page and is causing duplicate issues.

As a result, Google sees duplicate versions of the same page if you have multiple URLs for a single page, or different pages with similar content (such as a mobile and desktop version of a page). During crawling, Google will choose one URL as the canonical version, and crawl that, while crawling all other URLs less frequently.

There are a few ways to eliminate orphan pages:

  • Use Google Webmaster Tools (GTM) to identify which pages are missing internal links from other pages and add links from relevant pages.
  • Check pages for canonical issues.

Combining these methods will help you clean up your website and boost your SEO.

Should You Always Fix Orphan Pages?

Fix Orphan Pages - Newman Web Solutions - Atlanta GA

In order for your website to be indexed by Google and ranked, you will need to fix orphan pages. There are a few things you can do to boost your SEO.

First, make sure you are using the correct keyword density for your content. Too few keywords will result in fewer clicks to your site, while too many will cause people to see pages that are not relevant to their interests.

Second, make sure all of the text on your orphan pages is relevant to the main topic of your site and there are links coming to it from other indexed pages. If you have a blog about fashion, for example, make sure other pages related to fashion are linked to the orphan page as well.

Finally, consider using social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to promote content and link to the orphan pages on your website. By doing this, you can help increase the page’s visibility.

Have Your Web Pages Checked With Us!

Your website is a representation of your business. It is important that your website looks professional and appears to be up-to-date but most of all be SEO optimized.

Having your web pages checked with us can help identify any outdated or orphan pages, as well as improve the overall look and feel of your website. Contact us today to get your comprehensive website audit.

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