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How Is Your Website Performing?

Discover problems with your website
and how to solve them.

Poor Website User Experience Could Be Costing You Business

We will provide you with an in-depth website audit report that will detail potential web errors and SEO problems. You’ll learn the hidden problems causing poor experiences for your visitors.

As part of your audit, we will perform dozens of tests to identify the best ways to improve your website, user experience, and SEO, and we will offer specific solutions so you can start getting better results right away.

Do You Have A Traffic Or Conversion Problem With Your Website?

Does Your Website Convert Customers?

Fix Traffic or Conversion Problems

Are Any Of These True For You?

Our Website Audits are designed to address all the above issues, and more!

What Does Our Website Audit Include?

We examine seven key areas of your website during our Website Audit. The results are provided as a PDF report with action points to help you resolve the issues. We are more than happy to provide you with a quote to resolve any website issues you may have.

Branding & Website Design

As part of our audit, we will look at how your website has been designed and marketed towards your intended target audience. As an example, we look for responsiveness on your website, which means that the content will resize appropriately to fit the device it is being viewed on.

Branding and Website Design
Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

One of the elements we look at is making sure that your website has a clear Call to Action (CTA). Always have an action in mind that you want your visitors to perform on your site. This could be through booking an appointment with your company, submitting a quote request or purchasing a product through checkout.

SEO / Online Visibility

Our analysis will involve looking at your website’s visibility in the search engines for the type of searches that your target audience is conducting. In our competitive analysis, we will note any competitors (locally or nationally) that are gaining more visibility than you. Similarly, we want your website to be more visible than your competitors.

SEO and Search Engine Optimization Services
User Experience - UX Optimization

User Experience

Our team will review your website’s experience from the perspective of a typical visitor. Does everything seem intuitive to them? Do they have easy access to more information about your products or services if they need it? Maybe you’re doing something right now that is negatively impacting a potential customer’s browsing experience.

Website Speed / Performance

Your website will be subjected to a number of speed and performance tests. It is likely that a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load needs some speed optimization. Normally, you only have about seven seconds to capture the attention of a visitor, so it would be a waste of this time for them to just wait for your website to load.

Website Performance Audit
WordPress Website Security

Website Security

Your website will be scanned for security, and we’ll ensure that you have adequate protection in place to protect both your data and your customers’ data. We will note any issues and provide recommendations for fixing them. A vulnerable website is a ticking time bomb.

WordPress Review

You can count on us to review your WordPress website in detail, looking at how it is put together, the plugins it uses, and the theme it uses. It will be our duty to look for elements that have become outdated or have not been maintained since they will present a security risk to your business. Any issues will be noted as well as their possible impact.

WordPress Review Management
WordPress Website Audit PDF Audit Report

PDF Report With Action Points

Once the Website Audit is completed, we will create and send over a PDF report, including action points. This will inform you of any items that need to be resolved on your website for better design, user experience, website performance, security, and errors.

2 Hours Included Time

We include 2 hours of our time to assist you with resolving any action points that we’ve found as part of the Website Audit. If you need more time than we’ve included, we can assist with further action points at our standard hourly rate. We’ll tackle the most important issues first, as these are the ones that will be most critical for your business.

2 Hours Inclusive Time

What Our Clients Have to Say

Sam, Lori and their team have been an amazing compliment to our business what started as a simple website request has developed into an amazing relationship that is growing with each day. 

We didn’t realize how great it would be to have a relationship with a company that is truly there for the best interested of your company, (we do pay them for their business) but every dollar it is being put back into our business. 

How? We can see the positive impact that the website has had for our business and because we hired their firm to handle our marketing side we are seeing small changes that will have a snowball effect as the months past by.

Thank you Sam & Lori for truly caring.

Vickie Duran, FD Remodeling Atlanta GA

Website Audit

Keeping Your Best Sales Platform Working For You
$ 99
  • Web Design & Branding
  • Conversion Optimization
  • SEO / Online Visibility
  • User Experience
  • Website Speed / Performance
  • Website Security
  • WordPress Review
  • PDF Report supplied with action points

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I have a Website Audit?

Keeping your Wordpress website updated and relevant to your target audience is essential. By having a clear goal and stating your message clearly, you will ensure that your content is effective. Security for your website is also important. Taking no action to maintain your website puts your business at risk for security breaches.

How long does it take to conduct a Website Audit?

Our Website Audit usually takes 3-5 working days to complete once we receive your order. We will schedule a meeting after the Website Audit is complete so that we can go over our report details and recommendations.

My website isn't built with WordPress. What can I do?

We cater our services specifically to WordPress websites. We work with WordPress websites exclusively here at Newman Web Solutions. Count on us for WordPress, search engine optimization, and marketing assistance.

What makes you so trustworthy?

We are an established digital marketing agency in Atlanta. We have over a decade of experience with WordPress, web design and marketing. Our experienced team is well versed in carrying out audits on websites and ready to help you with everything from the initial audit to optimizing your site for search engines.