After being laid off in 2010, I decided to return to web design. My desire for web design began nearly 19 years ago but more as a hobby. Unemployed, I decided I wanted to do something in my life that I love to do and actually have a career instead of just a “job”. I went back to school and completed my Computer Science degree – focusing on Web Design and Development. Of course initially I planned on creating static websites with HTML and CSS like I did years ago. I soon realized that everyone who contacted me wanted a CMS website, specifically a WordPress or Joomla website. For those of you who do not know, a static website has content that is fixed and does not regularly change or need updates.

Working with both Joomla and WordPress I discovered more resources were readily available for WordPress so ultimately the majority of my websites ended up being converted over to WordPress. Joomla has a slight learning curve for non-techies who want to make simple changes to their website. I still love Joomla but the demand for WordPress is much higher. Nearly four years later, I have become a master of WordPress web design. I have found that there is a plugin for just about anything, making it simpler and much more efficient in meeting the needs of my clients. Once there websites were created, it quickly became evident that although clients can make simple changes they still needed my services for making regular updates, creating backups and performing occasional tweaks or website change requests. Therefore I began offering affordable WordPress website management and maintenance plans.

As my client base grew, I began testing various software that would help me maintain and manage my clients websites. I had tried several programs until I discovered my favorite which was and still is InfiniteWP. InfiniteWP has given me the ability to streamline the process of managing multiple WordPress websites all at once. This not only saves me time and money but allows me to efficiently meet the needs of all my clients in a timely manner. With InfiniteWP, I can schedule regular backups for my sites to cloud storage (Amazon S3 and Dropbox) where I can securely keep backups for my clients in the event we need to restore a website to an earlier point. No worries of my own computer crashing and losing much valuable information. InfiniteWP allows me to update my clients sites and even lets me know when a site needs a theme, WordPress or plugin updated. What’s really nice is that every month I have the ability to send my clients a report that includes how many updates and backups were performed and includes their site’s Google Analytics for the previous month.

I like that InfiniteWP is basically free, allowing you the ability to purchase the add-ons and expand as needed. I really don’t mind paying for the add-ons especially when they add value to my services when it comes to maintaining the sites of my clients. InfiniteWP allows me to provide better service to my clients and their happiness and satisfaction is the ultimate goal for me.

Thank you InfiniteWP for providing a management platform that simplifies my WordPress management tasks into a simple click of a button!

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