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Newman Web Solutions is an Atlanta digital marketing agency. We are passionate about everything that has to do with the web. Whether it’s SMO or SEO content writing services we have got you covered. Our blog is a treasure trove of all kinds of interesting marketing tips and tricks that would help your business grow and flourish in an ever competitive market.

A person is shopping on her laptop with the WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin while displaying a shopping cart.

Boost E-Commerce Sales With WooCommerce Gift Cards Plugin

Uncover the power of WooCommerce Gift Cards Plugin! Maximize profits, enthrall customers, and elevate your online store to new heights. Act today!

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A hand is pointing to the word marketing automation for automated marketing campaigns.

Unlock Success with Automated Marketing Campaigns

Discover the power of automated marketing campaigns. Unlock growth, efficiency, and engagement with expert strategies and tips. Get started today

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A man demonstrating local seo geo-targeting with a dart board.

SEO Geo-Targeting: Your Roadmap to Success

Dominate your local market with SEO Geo-Targeting. Optimize Google Business Profile. Your roadmap to local business success starts here.

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apple business connect 2

Apple Business Connect And Profile Optimization

Discover the power of Apple Business Connect. Revolutionize your operations, connect more effectively and drive business success. Start today!

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A person holding a phone searching on Google.

Google Answer Box: A Game-Changer In Search

Get to the top with our guide to the Google Answer Box. Drive traffic, boost rankings, and captivate audiences. Learn the secrets now!

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A woman lounging next to the couch with a laptop and a cup of coffee, fixing low quality content on her website.

Exposing and Resolving Low Quality Content on Websites

Are you a business owner looking to boost your online presence and attract more customers? We’ve got some eye-opening insights to share with you! In …

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A woman is sitting at a table with a laptop, seemingly unaware of the shadow banning implications brought by the padlocks.

Shadow Banning on Social Media

Discover the truth behind shadow banning and how it hinders your online presence. Learn how to protect and amplify your voice in the digital world.

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A man in a suit holding a card that says value proposition.

Crafting a Compelling Value Proposition

Learn how to create a compelling value proposition that sets you apart from the competition. Unlock success with our expert tips and strategies.

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A group of people holding cell phones with social media icons on them, highlighting the impact of technology on relationships.

Social Media and Relationships: The Good, The Bad, and The Unfollow

Discover the relationship between social media and relationships. Get tips on building strong connections, overcoming challenges, and embracing the digital age.

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A man using a laptop engaging in semantic search.

The Power Of Semantic Search In SEO: Cracking The Code

Boost your SEO rankings! Unearth the hidden potential of semantic search. Click to make your SEO game unbeatable!

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An unknown business down a dark alley hidden from website traffic sources.

Exploring Website Traffic Sources for Success

Unlock the secrets of growing website traffic! Discover untapped website traffic sources & strategies that top websites don’t want you to know. Dive in now!

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Simplicity In Web Design: The Power Of White Space In Web Design

Simplicity In Web Design: Tips For Creating A Simple And Elegant Site

Explore simplicity in web design! Transform your website into a user-friendly masterpiece that charms viewers and boosts conversions.

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