Generate Construction Leads and Increase Sales

Generate Construction Leads in Atlanta GA: How to Increase Sales

Generate Construction Leads and Increase Sales

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In order for any industrial business to thrive, it is essential to generate construction leads to increase sales. Finding quality leads to convert to sales in a crowded market like construction is essential.

If businesses don’t position themselves as experts in their sector, they lose out on a lot of money. In the case of higher-priced goods and services, your business must be more credible and detailed. 

Think of it this way: if you were to have a pool built in your home, you would want to make sure that the builder you hire has the best credentials available, not someone with just a general contractor’s skills. One of the most important strategies for your business to pursue is becoming the authority in construction.

To establish your company as an authority in your field, there are few things to consider. Which types of construction leads are you most interested in, and what type of service do you offer for those leads?

Just as with pool contractors, your business needs to be easily identifiable. There is no such thing as a pool builder who doubles as a plumber or electrician; instead, they are known for their expertise in just one area. The same should be true for your business. Identify one area and become a specialist in that area. 

In the following sections you will find several lead generation strategies for commercial construction and several more strategies for residential construction, as well as some additional suggestions. You can combine any of the strategies to generate leads. To promote your business effectively, you should establish authority and trust, which will lead to improved sales.

Leads for Commercial Construction

Your first step in developing your lead generation strategy will be to make a plan for what type of lead you wish to generate, how close they are to making a purchase decision, and how quickly you hope to close the deal. 

  • Defining your business as a commercial construction company is the first step in generating commercial construction leads.
  • You need to determine who your potential clients are, find out where they may be located, and understand what interests them. Knowing your potential customer and where to find them will put you ahead of the competition.
  • You can establish your business as a leader in the field by creating detailed, engaging content. You can market your business effectively and easily with a website that features a blog that details market trends as well as your products and services.
    If you have before-and-after pictures of your projects, or videos that explain how your services benefit your potential customers, you can post them on your website. Posting on your website a case study that demonstrates what your business can do and how it will set up your clients for success will go a long way in getting their attention.
  • Establish your business as an authority by knowing the most common questions your business is asked and the solutions you can provide.
  • Create a detailed offer sheet to present to potential clients. Make sure you know your price point and what you are willing to offer in exchange for referrals.
    Make sure you’re on the minds of your customers by remaining relevant. Although your potential customers aren’t quite ready to buy yet, by remaining relevant in their minds, you will be a company that they remember when it is time to buy.
  • A business’s ability to satisfy customers can be proved through online customer reviews. Remember, the goal is to establish your business as the trusted option the potential client knows and trusts. Past customers, former employers, and anyone who has used your services in the past are good sources for customer reviews. These should be posted on your site,  review sites (Google), and business pages on sites like Yelp.
  • Today, our world is so accustomed to instant gratification that it is imperative that we always be available. Keeping up with leads is vital, so make sure you respond quickly. Lead response times for successful contacts are usually less than 5 minutes. Having a member of your staff dedicated to responding instantly to leads is essential.

Generate Construction Leads

Lead generation begins with establishing your business as a trusted expert. Lead generation should not be your sole goal. The key is to focus on generating the best leads for your company.

General lead generation is a good strategy for long-term construction and contractor marketing services, whereas high-quality leads are more likely to result in a quick increase in business. 

Because the client may not care about stages of shopping for a construction company, concentrating on your efforts is helpful. When you begin a lead generation strategy, it is essential to know what type of lead you are trying to generate. 

We’ll look at a few options for generating leads for your construction business below. Some of the opportunities are paid, while others are free.

6 Ideas and Resources for Generating Commercial Leads

  1. Google My Business is a free service offered by Google. This service allows your business to be listed on Google’s search results pages after the setup of your business information and the verification process by Google (which could take up to a week).
  2. A Facebook Business Page is another free and easy-to-setup tool for your business. You can upload a large amount of content here, promote posts to draw customers, and utilize highly targeted advertising if you wish.
  3. The website Houzz is an online business referral site that is visited by millions of people every month. Customers can easily find you by setting up a business in a matter of minutes. Similar to yellow pages online, it allows customers to leave reviews and see what others have said.
  4. Angie’s List is an additional customer review site that allows you to position yourself as an authority in your field.
  5. Home Advisor is a leading website that helps customers find the best contractors and builders based on their needs.  Contractors and other service providers can be found by zip code, allowing customers to prioritize local contractors over national firms in their search criteria.
  6. With Yelp for Business, you can choose between a free plan and a paid plan, or “promotional”, as they insist. Creating a business page is the same process for both services. Customers use Yelp to add social proof to their businesses’ capabilities, and customer reviews can be invaluable. By paying for the paid version of Yelp, your business will be promoted above others in Yelp’s results.

Leads for Residential Construction Companies

When it comes to identifying your potential customers, you must also understand who they are and where they might be found most easily. Free sources and paid resources are the two main ways to generate leads.

Outbound vs. Inbound Leads

Leads come in two types, inbound and outbound. 

You can obtain inbound leads from your website, other lead generation services like the ones discussed earlier, like Houzz, HomeAdvisor, and Angie’s List. As a result, inbound leads tend to be more qualified, meaning they’re already familiar with you and your business and are looking for more information.  

You must work harder to generate outbound leads. Usually, these are the types of leads your company is targeting and are referred to as “cold”  leads.

Cold leads are potential clients who do not know your products and services, and your contact is often their first thought regarding those purchases. Typically, outbound leads are more of a long-term strategy, which won’t result in a sale immediately. 

Prior to devoting any time or resources to implementation, you need to decide on a lead generation strategy and make a detailed plan to execute it. You can avoid costly errors and overruns by planning ahead. 

You want to establish your expertise as a specialist in a particular field of construction rather than just as a generalist.  Even though generalist approaches have their value, expertise is often seen as being highly focused on one particular field of expertise. 

You should target your customers in places where they are already and market to them there. In order to successfully market your residential or commercial construction business, it is important to understand your customers. Your lead generation strategy will be more efficient if you target each of them. 

Your next task will be to generate and publish content based on your knowledge of where your potential client is located. 

You should ensure your content aligns with your goals, whether you plan on posting to a company website or blog, using social media, or making use of paid advertising such as facebook ads for pool buildersCreate exit intent popups to capture visitors leaving your site.

What Kinds of Content to Create

  1. Post a blog regularly highlighting recent and past client work, including general construction, remodels, and other work types highlighting your services. The use of photographs, particularly a “before/after” sequence, is a very effective way to demonstrate your expertise.
  2. The most popular type of content is video. More than 80% of content consumed on the Internet is video. If you have a YouTube channel or a website, publishing video that shows a home makeover, an easy DIY project, or a video FAQ, you can show some “proof” that your business has expertise.
  3. You can also establish your authority by crafting a case-study of a project you have worked on to show the client what the problem was and how you solved it.
  4. As soon as you create your first piece of content, you need to market it to a specific audience. Your content marketing strategy needs to be tailored to the type of customer you are aiming to attract.
    Consider who would benefit from your content, and market to them. A call to action, even if it’s as simple as “contact us for more information”, can turn your  outbound lead into a warm one.
  5. In the marketing world, your content is only as good as it is consumed. The most comprehensive DIY video on counter-top replacement isn’t worth much if it’s not seen. Promoting content does not necessarily mean paying for advertising.
    As social media is used by so many of your potential clients, you need to take advantage of it for your business. Consider using previous client reviews or testimonials in your social media. Users trust online reviews more than 80% of the time, which is why you should prioritize the use of online reviews with your  social media efforts.
  6. Networking is another excellent way for your business to generate leads and referrals. A local community program or club can be an excellent way for you to  network. Participating in community events that bring people together is a great way to keep your business relevant.
    The placement of paid ads in places where potential customers can be found is a form of networking that is paid. A good example would be for a residential builder to place your business banner at a local school event. The small amount of overhead in sponsoring a local school can help to boost your business’s recognition and familiarity.

Creative Lead Generation Methods

Finding a way to separate yourself from your competitors can also improve your lead generation strategy. Think of little or no-cost ways in which you can offer something an existing or potential customer will appreciate.

  • Partnering with another business allows you and the partner to offer some unique services that a competitor may not be able to provide. You can take advantage of the reach and exposure of each business by partnering with them to generate more leads.
  • Provide courteous, attentive, and friendly customer service to your potential clients.
  • The ability of your staff to be knowledgeable about your company, the problems it can solve, and be responsive to leads is crucial for your lead generation strategy. 

Your focus should be on building a reputation that is trusted and respected in the construction industry, regardless of whether you are seeking residential or commercial leads. You’ll have better familiarity in your market if you position your business as an expert in your field, and understanding is the first  barrier to a sale. 

A successful business model should have a dual focus on building your reputation as a trusted industry leader, whether it be in commercial or residential construction. While striving for immediate sales, you should also ensure that your marketing strategy improves awareness of your services, allowing for future growth. It makes sense to tackle both methods at the same time.

With a website redesign, increased advertising and marketing, and building a trustworthy brand, you can increase your sales without risking anything. Newman Web Solutions specializes in web design, search engine optimization, and social media management to help you succeed online. Our Atlanta web design and SEO Marketing Agency has over two decades of experience and provide tailored services to our clients. Whether you are an established business or just starting out, we guarantee our work will improve your online presence.

We are a construction lead generation company that specializes in finding prospects for construction companies. With so many different marketing channels and advertising avenues, it is hard to know where to start. Our team will provide you with a competitor analysis and an in-depth analysis of your current marketing efforts and provide you with a plan of attack in order to generate construction leads. We offer free strategy sessions to help you generate leads and grow your business.

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