Project Overview

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Diaz Hardwood Floors of Marietta is a company specializing in hardwood floor installation and refinishing services. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, they aim to provide homeowners and businesses with beautiful, durable, and long-lasting hardwood flooring solutions.

The Product

The product offered by Diaz Hardwood Floors is their expertise in hardwood floor installation and refinishing. They work with various types of hardwood materials and offer a wide range of finishes and designs to cater to the unique preferences and needs of their customers. Their services include floor preparation, installation, sanding, staining, and sealing, all aimed at transforming spaces and enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Project Duration

To complete this project, I estimate a duration of 6 weeks. This timeframe allows for thorough research, analysis, design iteration, and implementation.

The Problem

The core problem that users are encountering is the lack of a streamlined and intuitive user experience when engaging with Diaz Hardwood Floors. Users struggle to easily navigate through the website, find relevant information about the company's services, and understand the process and cost involved in hardwood floor installation or refinishing. This results in frustration, confusion, and potential loss of business for Diaz Hardwood Floors of Marietta.

The Goal

The goal of this case study is to improve the user experience of Diaz Hardwood Floors of Marietta's website and digital presence. By identifying and addressing usability issues, enhancing the clarity of information, and optimizing the user flow, we aim to increase user engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive business growth for the company.

Our Role

As UX Designers, our role in this project is to lead the user research, analysis, and design phases. We will collaborate closely with the stakeholders at Diaz Hardwood Floors of Marietta to understand their goals and requirements, conduct user research to gain insights into user needs and behaviors, and then use these findings to develop effective design solutions that align with the company's brand and objectives.


Our responsibilities included:

  1. Conducting user research, such as surveys and competitor analysis, to gather insights into user preferences, pain points, and behaviors.
  2. Analyzing the gathered data and identifying key patterns and trends.
  3. Creating user personas to represent the target audience and facilitate empathy-driven design.
  4. Developing user flows and information architecture to ensure a logical and intuitive user journey.
  5. Wireframing and prototyping interactive design solutions to address identified issues and improve the user experience.
  6. Collaborating with stakeholders and team to ensure the successful implementation of the proposed design changes.
  7. Conducting usability testing and gathering feedback to validate the effectiveness of the design solutions.
  8. Iterating on the design based on user feedback and continuously improving the user experience.

Understanding the User

User Research

To gain a deep understanding of the users, we conducted the following UX research activities:

  1. Online surveys: Create and provide a detailed questionnaire to gather quantitative data on preferences, satisfaction levels, and areas of improvement.
  2. Competitive analysis: Analyze the websites and digital presence of competitors in the hardwood flooring industry to identify best practices and areas where Diaz Hardwood Floors of Marietta can differentiate itself.
  3. Analytics review: Utilize website analytics tools to analyze user behavior, such as navigation patterns, popular pages, and drop-off points.

User Summary

Based on the research conducted, users of Diaz Hardwood Floors of Marietta's website are frustrated with the lack of clear information about services, pricing, and the overall process. They find it difficult to navigate the website and understand the steps involved in hardwood floor installation or refinishing. Users expressed a desire for a more intuitive and transparent user experience that helps them make informed decisions and easily contact the company for inquiries or bookings. Overall, there is a need for improved clarity, simplified navigation, and enhanced accessibility to ensure a positive user experience.

Pain Point

The pain point that users are facing is the difficulty in finding relevant information about the company's services, quotes, and the overall process of hardwood floor installation or refinishing. The lack of intuitive navigation and clear communication on the website leads to frustration and confusion, hindering users from making informed decisions or taking the desired actions.


Based on the user research, the following user persona has been created to represent the target audience:

Persona: Sarah Homeowner

  • Background: Sarah is a homeowner who is considering hardwood floor installation to enhance the aesthetics of her living space. She values quality craftsmanship and wants to understand the process, costs, and available options before making a decision.
  • Goals: Sarah wants to find a reputable hardwood flooring company that provides clear information on services, pricing, and the installation process. She also wants to easily contact the company for further inquiries and schedule a consultation.
  • Pain Points: Sarah is frustrated with the lack of transparency and clear communication on the website. She struggles to navigate through the pages and find the information she needs. The absence of a clear call-to-action for inquiries or bookings adds to her frustration.

Problem Statements and Details

  1. Problem Statement: Users struggle to find comprehensive information about the company's services, pricing, and the process of hardwood floor installation or refinishing.
    • Details: The website lacks clear and detailed content about the different types of hardwood flooring services offered, pricing factors, and the step-by-step process involved. Users are left with unanswered questions and uncertainty.
  2. Problem Statement: Users experience difficulty navigating the website and finding relevant information.
    • Details: The website's navigation structure is confusing, with unclear labels and organization. Users find it challenging to locate specific pages or sections related to their needs, leading to frustration and potential abandonment.
  3. Problem Statement: Users face challenges in contacting the company and initiating inquiries or bookings.
    • Details: The website lacks prominent and intuitive contact information, making it difficult for users to reach out to the company for further information or to schedule a consultation. Users desire a clear call-to-action and an easy way to get in touch.

User Journey Map and UX Structure

To address the identified problems and improve the user experience, a UX structure was created to define the information architecture, hierarchy, and navigation flow of the website. This will ensure that the content is logically organized, easily accessible, and aligns with user expectations.

The Impact and Lessons Learned

By conducting comprehensive user research, analyzing user behavior, and addressing the identified problems, the impact of this UX case study is expected to be significant. The optimized user experience will result in increased user engagement, improved customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive business growth for Diaz Hardwood Floors. The company will benefit from enhanced brand reputation, increased inquiries, and conversions.

In conclusion, this comprehensive UX case study for Diaz Hardwood Floors aims to improve the user experience of their website and digital presence. By conducting research, addressing pain points, and optimizing the website's navigation, content, and call-to-action, we strive to enhance customer satisfaction, increase engagement, and drive business growth.

Through empathy-driven design and a user-centered approach, Diaz Hardwood Floors can position themselves as a leader in the hardwood flooring industry, delivering an intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable experience for their users.

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