How to Choose the Best Small Business SEO Company

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How To Choose The Best Small Business Seo Company How to Choose the Best Small Business SEO Company
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How to Choose the Best Small Business SEO Company

The internet is big and there is a lot going on in it. As a small business, you have a lot to worry about. You have a product or a service to sell, a website to promote, a social media presence to maintain and a number of other tasks to accomplish. Now, add SEO to the list of things you have to do! 

It doesn’t help that there is a lot of noise when it comes to SEO. How do you choose the right small business SEO company to hire when there are so many of them? How do you know that your SEO efforts are going to pay off?

The Most Common SEO Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Choosing the best SEO Company for your small business can sometimes be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re looking for or how to find it. It may feel like a basic search online will surface 5,000 different SEO Companies in your area but odds are they won’t all be able to provide you with the service and support needed. Just know that how big a company is isn’t necessarily an indication of their quality so when choosing an agency examine the proof out there to determine their ability to help your business . 

When it comes down to the specific solutions and support one needs from the chosen SEO company, consider whether they do email marketing, web design and training etc… because these things matter a lot if you need help developing a blog or establishing social media profiles for example. 

​​SEO Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

SEO has the potential to dramatically impact the success of a small business. Especially in today’s digital and mobile-friendly world, where everything revolves around using search engines to find products and services. It is incredibly important for businesses to make sure they understand how Basic SEO works and what steps they can take to make sure customers can find them as easily as possible on searches like Google or Bing. 

To make things easier for businesses with smaller marketing departments (or none at all), there are many affordable third party companies that can handle tasks like keyword research, social media management and online marketing/advertising campaigns – everything from creating content and monitoring for web traffic and conversions.

Why should small businesses Hire an SEO agency?

SEO is one of the most important small business marketing strategies to utilize for your small business. An organic search is now seen as the most effective way to find a business over paid ads. However, building a great online presence is a difficult and time intensive process. A small business owner simply doesn’t have the time and resources to do this. 

Hiring an SEO agency will save your money and time and give you the best ROI. Let us take the burden away from you and give you the success you deserve!

How to Find a Reputable SEO Agency

When you need to hire an SEO consultant, it’s important to make sure that they are reputable in their industry. It’s also important to not let the possibility of costly mistakes deter you from finding experts who may end up truly getting you where you want to go. Checking out reviews, testimonials and case studies about potential agencies can help you decide if they’re the best fit for your business!

Challenge yourself by doing some online research into different agencies in your area – since there are many options available it may take a bit of time, but with the right approach you’ll be able to find someone who’s perfect for your business.

Local SEO Tips Small Businesses Need to Know

Local SEO services are very important. Many SEO companies focus on other types of internet marketing, but all businesses need to have a presence online in their market or region to be competitive these days! 

In order to get the most from your local SEO campaign, you must choose an SEO company that can handle local SEO for your area, as well as national marketing. 

Look for an expert with experience working within your specific industry who can give you great advice on how to optimize your website for Google Maps and Google Local results! 

A good SEO firm will help you reach more customers online and attract potential clients who may not otherwise find you. Skipping local search engine optimization entirely would be like turning down any opportunity whatsoever – why take the risk?


As an Atlanta SEO Company, we know that your business must be partner with an SEO company that can deliver results & the service you’re looking for. We work with many small businesses and always make sure we get the job done right. We hope you were able to gain some insight into the considerations you should make when selecting your small business SEO company. The Newman Web Solutions Agency would love to discuss your business’s needs and goals with you, so please feel free to contact us for a free strategy session!

Frequently Asked Question, Answered

What are the top things you’d suggest a small business do to make sure they rank well for local search?

  • Have a responsive and friendly website that allows customers to reach you and give you information in real time. 

  • Have your business in local business directories like Yelp, Manta, and Merchant Circle. 

  • Post reviews and content on your website and these 3 directories. It’s good to note that the more reviews and content you post, the more you will start ranking for relevant search terms. 

  • Submit your website, phone number, and address for local business listings.

All of these will build trust for your customers and ensure that they will be more inclined to do business with you.

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