Why Is Internet Explorer So Bad?

Why Is Internet Explorer So Bad and Why should You Stop Using the IE Browser?

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Stop Using IE Browser: Why Is Internet Explorer So Bad?

Are you still using Internet Explorer?  If you are, you should stop using IE browser. Read below to understand why internet explorer is such a bad choice.

There are numerous flaws with the very unpopular Internet Explorer, and we are going to discuss some of them here.

Even though Internet Explorer is universally unpopular, the latest versions of Windows 10 still come pre-installed. It is also installed as a default in Internet cafes, where it is frequently forced upon customers.

IE is very disliked by today’s internet users, and many large websites, including YouTube, GitHub, CodePen, and Apple, are no longer supporting it.

Many reasons exist for dropping IE, ranging from inadequate support to technical incoherence.

Reasons to get rid of Internet Explorer

We love anything that moves forward, but IE doesn’t. Moreover, using (or supporting) it contributes to slowing down forward motion. These are reasons to stop using and supporting IE.


By 2021, JavaScript has become the dominant scripting language used across the web. This popularity is due to the release of the ES6 features — a bunch of new js syntax added. Unfortunately, IE was not in a position to support these features. 

The blame shouldn’t fall upon Microsoft, since Edge has been a much more productive replacement. Today, it’s impossible to build a good website without leveraging JavaScript’s capabilities, even for HTML/CSS extremists.


IE is missing a little bit of everything. Web developers have often made awesome sites that quickly lost their shine on Internet Explorer.


No benchmarks are required in order to realize that IE cannot compete with current performance standards. 

As previously mentioned, Internet Explorer does not support the latest version of JavaScript. As a result, transpiling JavaScript or creating polyfills are necessary to support certain features. This can cause significant performance issues for the site.

Security issues

IE has been experiencing major security issues since 2016. These security problems have caused major concern for users. 

Use of Internet Explorer is even considered a security threat, especially since it could take a long time for security updates to be rolled out.

The IE browser Finally Went the Way of the Dodo

According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer will be discontinued on 17 August 2021.

In a blog post, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams discontinued supporting Internet Explorer 11 last November 30, 2020, the latest and final release of the browser. Microsoft 365 will stop supporting the browser for the rest of its apps and services this year.

This browser is replaced by Edge, Microsoft’s next-generation browser that uses open-source software Chromium, developed by Google for Google Chrome. Edge has more features than IE. We strongly advise Internet Explorer users to switch to Edge, which is a better, faster, and more secure option.


What browser should you use?

Anything but Internet Explorer. Be sure to read our article on Which Browser is Best?  

In this day and age, it’s unacceptable for website owners to promote less-efficient browser, tools and software. We design websites that take advantage of new technologies we can all be proud of. The web is advancing to date, and this expansion shouldn’t be limited by the obligation to maintain backwards compatibility with outdated browsers.

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