We get many inquiries asking us to design ultimate landing pages from entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds.  A landing page, also known as a “lead capture page” or a “splash page“, is a single web page that displays customized content in order to help convert visitors into leads. Landing pages are often linked to from social media or other digital media campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. The goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into sales or leads. The lead capture page will include some type of method to obtain the visitor’s contact information or it will have a link to a shopping cart.

The trick however is in creating landing pages that actually “convert”. The designers at Toptal.com nailed it with their article containing tips on building the “Ultimate Landing Page” They touched on a lot of landing page design issues in their post,  below is only a few of the most important points mentioned:

  • Don’t only use text content, but include rich media like video, 3D and 2D animation. It will make you stand out and encourage visitors to share your ideas.
  • Use real-time analytics so that you can swiftly react to sudden traffic spikes and join the ongoing conversation.
  • Always log errors because there are a lot of things that can (and will) go wrong.
  • Split your codebase into small pieces for easy maintainability and set up a build process to assemble the tiny pieces and deploy the bundle.
  • Optimize performance so that your site will keep up even when encountering with the highest traffic.

Be sure to check out their full article at landing page design and deployment to read it in it’s entirety. Although it is intended to be only a glimpse of landing page design, I think you will find it useful with timesaving valuable information.

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