VicBlends Academy

A laptop, phone, and tablet displaying a website for VicBlends, a barber shop designed by Newman Web Solutions Agency of Atlanta GA.

VicBlends Project Overview The VicBlends Academy website redesign and development project aims to create an innovative online platform tailored to individuals interested in pursuing a career in barbering. This comprehensive project is estimated to span 8 weeks, encompassing extensive research, design, development, and testing phases. The Project VicBlends Academy seeks to provide a cutting-edge learning […]

GolfShot Apparel

Top golfshot apparel website.

Case Study Overview: GolfShot Apparel is a leading Atlanta-based clothing brand that specializes in creating premium quality golf apparel for both men and women. As a growing business, the company has decided to redesign its existing ecommerce website to improve the user experience, increase sales, and strengthen its brand presence online. The company has also […]

A Place Called Home GA

A mobile phone and tablet app providing the website for Fusion Natural Paints, a place called Home in GA.

Case Study for A Place Called Home of Georgia Overview: A Place Called Home GA is a Georgia-based business that specializes in selling Fusion Mineral Paint online and at three physical locations. The company needed a new website design to showcase their products, provide a seamless shopping experience, and attract more customers. With our Woodstock […]