Marketing for Service-Based Businesses

Marketing for Service-Based Businesses

Marketing for Service-Based Businesses

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Marketing for service-based businesses is critical if you want a steady flow of leads consistently. If your business is within the home service industry, say, for instance, plumbing, then maybe the idea of marketing had never occurred to you. Typically, most plumbers have a busy schedule hopping from one project to the next. The idea that you need to establish as a household name can only make sense if you experience a slump in business. An unsustainable customer base could be another motivating factor. It is advisable to always reach out to new customers in season and out of season. That ensures business stability and continued workflow. To achieve the two, more people need to know about your business so you could continue earning those contracts. In this article, we’ll share some practical home service-based marketing ideas you can use to grow your business.

Referral Programs for Service-Based Businesses

Customer referral is one of the oldest and most practical strategies when it comes to customer acquisition and retention. In this approach, you acquire new clients through the existing ones. For instance, you can offer your existing clients different attractive incentives that ensure they refer your business to their close acquaintances. These will in turn become new clients. Examples Of incentives you can offer include:

Cash Paybacks

No one can resist the offer of free money. But make no mistake. That does not necessarily mean bribing clients to get your name out there. Rather, it means giving a reasonable amount back to your loyal customers if they refer other people who turn into clients as well. Ensure the amount you are willing to part with is both reasonable for the client and sustainable for your business. Also, give according to the estimated worth of the prospective client.


Discount may not be the most favorable incentive program as far as your business growth and stability is concerned. Remember that at the end of the day, you have targets to meet. But it’s age-old magic for customer retention. A good way to go about it is to pledge to give your customers a certain percentage of discount if they refer a friend or neighbor.

Gift Cards

Another incentive that you can incorporate into your customer referral program is giving gift cards. Gift cards serve the same purpose as cashback only in this case you decide how they spend that reward money. The only downside to this is that a new iPod may not appeal to someone who’s just preferring hot coffee on a cold day or a book. As the chief marketer of your own business, you can go out of your way and ask clients what they’d like as gift cards. The responses will help you determine the kind of incentives that are compatible with clients’ tastes. It can be quite daunting but the rewards it comes with will be beneficial for your business in the long run. While at it, keep it simple and work with a budget that will not hurt your business.

Best Referral Service-Based Marketing Practices

As the chief marketer of your business, you need to develop exceptional referral marketing practices without which none of the above incentives could work. These practices are what could make or break your customer referral marketing program. They include:

Customer Service

Customer service is the most basic practice that goes hand in hand with your customer incentives. If your customer service is poor, don’t expect anyone to refer their friends or neighbors to you. How you treat your existing customers and make them feel determined if they’ll want their close associates to deal with you and your brand. Exceptional services include timely delivery, fixing mistakes, prompt response to queries, and sharing relevant information.

Social Media

After delivering services to a particular customer, ask them to share their happy experience with the world. You can also offer them one of the above incentives to motivate them further.  Win-win for everyone.

Request Referrals

No matter how amazing your services are or what exceptional customer service you provide, if you don’t request referrals, don’t expect all your customers to put in a kind word for you. True, a few may remember to do it but for the great majority, you’ll need to make those requests. Besides sharing or tagging your brand on social media, encourage them to be part of your home service marketing through word of mouth, signing up to your customer rewards program, and other strategies of attracting prospects to your brand. Review management should not be overlooked and is huge for bringing in new customers.

Service-Based Business Review Program

Typically, customers don’t just go out of their way and leave reviews online. Sometimes they do it out of their own volition and that’s if they’re either extremely happy or extremely disappointed. Otherwise, they’ll need a little nudging now and then to do the needful.

Stay Ahead Of The Pack

  • Professionally ask your happy regular clients to leave their reviews online
  • Invite them to like or follow your social media pages where they can share their reviews anytime
  • Foster reviews on Google My Business  to advance your Google search listings.

Sites To Choose For Reviews

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Yellow pages
  • BBB

Community Activities and Involvement for Service-Based Businesses

Another strategy to get your name and brand out there is by getting involved in local community activities. Your regular clients may not need your plumbing services every waking day. However, leaving your name and face at the right places will accelerate the possibility of acquiring new clients. To do this, lend a helping hand to local community groups once in a while. You can also assist local community institutions by occasionally volunteering to fix plumbing problems. Finally, join and meet with the local community of plumbers where you can share ideas and tips while maintaining a healthy competition.

Involvement in Online Community

This idea is similar to number three above except that this calls for online participation. Being active in local online community groups can be advantageous to your marketing for home services. These online community groups not only help drive traffic to your business but will:

  • Assist prospective clients to become acquainted with your brand and style
  • Provide a platform to showcase what you do and what makes your business unique.

Examples of such sites include:

  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Yahoo
  • LinkedIn

Social Media

One perfect and effective platform to conduct your home service marketing campaign is social media. With a strong online presence and substantial following, prospective clients will eventually start reaching out.

Email Marketing for Service Based Businesses

There is no denying the impact email marketing can have on your home service marketing campaign. It is one sure way to stay in touch with your existing customers, this enhancing your relationship with them. Here are some email marketing tips that can improve your marketing for home services.

Provide compelling, relevant content in your emails. Think of what would impress your audience to read your emails religiously. If you send irrelevant, boring content, no one would subscribe to your emails.

Only send content that adds value to your clients. For example, you can talk about the new cool products your brand will be using to improve services and ensure efficiency. You can also talk about new offers and discounts.

Create a mailing list for relevant industry players such as contractors, movers, and real estate agents. This helps expand your marketing for home services to potential long term clients. Ensure your emails are mobile phone compatible since most people use smartphones all the time.

Optimize Your Home Service Marketing Campaign with SEO

There’s no overlooking the benefits of creating search engine optimization content for your home services marketing. Both existing and prospective clients will most likely rush to Google the moment they detect a leaking tap or sink. Ensure you have an existing website where you can post relevant SEO content. Invest in an SEO expert to ensure your site is among the top ranking in your locality so you don’t miss out on online clients.

Bottom Line

These practical marketing tips for service-based businesses are only good for practice and not theory. You will need to implement them to enjoy the benefits they’re sure to bring. So why don’t you review your schedules then spare a few hours each week to try them out? You’ll be glad you did.

marketing for service based businesses
Marketing for Service-Based Businesses

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