Coolpro HVAC Atlanta

Coolpro Heating and Cooling website on a mobile phone and tablet displaying a a new redesign for an hvac company.

Case Study for Coolpro HVAC of Atlanta GA Overview: Coolpro Heating and Cooling, a premier Atlanta HVAC Company, was on a mission: To step up their digital game with a newer look. The goal? An updated HVAC website design that’s as cool as the air they provide. Here’s a deep dive into how we turned […]

Bulldog Pipe

A person using a laptop and cell phone to view a Bulldog Pipe website.

Bulldog Pipe Project Overview: Understanding the User: Problem Statements and User Journey: Client Expectations: Bulldog Pipe sought to establish a connection with their customers with an emphasis on their veteran-owned status and prioritizing family. The website was created to feature their mascot, Liberty the Bulldog, and showcase the company’s expertise.

Premium Cigars of Georgia

Marietta's premium cigar shop website offering premium cigars in Georgia.

Case Study for Premium Cigars of Georgia – Marietta GA Overview: Premium Cigars of Georgia is a cigar shop located in Marietta, Georgia. The shop prides itself on its traditional and old-fashioned customer service and a positive attitude toward its customers. They approached our web design and marketing agency for assistance in improving their online […]

Southernmost Surety

A website design for Southernmost Surety, a bail bond agency.

Project Overview: Southernmost Surety for Bail Bond Agents The Project The project involves creating a comprehensive and user-centric website for a Southernmost Surety insurance company specializing in bail bonds. The website should not only provide information about the services but also ensure a clear and concise application process for potential clients. The main objective is […]

Diaz Hardwood Floors

A Diaz Hardwood Floors website showcasing laptop and phone.

Diaz Hardwood Floors of Marietta is a company specializing in hardwood floor installation and refinishing services. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, they aim to provide homeowners and businesses with beautiful, durable, and long-lasting hardwood flooring solutions. The Product The product offered by Diaz Hardwood Floors is their expertise in hardwood floor […]

Sun and Moon Psychic Readings

Sun and moon web design with a touch of psychic inspiration.

Project Overview Sun and Moon Psychic Readings is a local psychic reader aiming to establish its online presence through the development of a brand-new website. As a Atlanta web design company, our responsibility is to create a seamless user experience that facilitates intuitive navigation, builds trust, and encourages users to engage with the psychic services […]

Loving Spoonfulls Catering

A laptop displaying the website for spooktacular catering.

Loving Spoonfulls Catering UX Website Redesign Project Overview: The Loving Spoonfulls Catering of Norcross GA Website Redesign project aims to enhance the user experience and improve the overall functionality and visual appeal of the company’s website. As UX designers, our responsibility is to understand the needs and goals of the users, conduct thorough research, and […]

AD Campbell HVAC

Website design for a koala care site with a touch of ad campbell hvac influence.

AD Campbell HVAC Services of Atlanta, a leading HVAC service provider in the city, approached Newman Web Solutions Agency to design a new website that would better represent their business and attract potential customers. The challenge was to create a website that would showcase their expertise and professionalism while being user-friendly and optimized for search […]

Straight Outta Jail Bail

A mobile phone and laptop displaying the website for a criminal defense law firm specializing in bail bonds.

Case Study for Straight Outta Jail Bail Bonds Straight Outta Jail Bail Bonds of Florida is a bail bonds company that has been in operation for over 10 years. Based in Florida, the company provides bail bond services to clients in need of bail bonds in the state. The company’s website was outdated and did […]

T4 Enterprises

A laptop and a tablet displaying the T4 Enterprises' website for a security company.

Client Background: T4 Enterprises is a leading provider of security guard services in Atlanta, GA. They have been in business for over 10 years and have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality security services to businesses and individuals across the city. Client’s Goal: T4 Enterprises wanted to refresh their branding and online presence by […]

Handpiece Xpress

A mobile phone and tablet displaying a website for a dental practice, featuring the Handpiece Xpress.

Case Study: Handpiece Xpress – A Dental Handpiece Repair Company Introduction: Handpiece Xpress is a dental handpiece repair company located in Milton, GA. The company specializes in providing quality handpiece repair services to dental professionals. Handpiece Xpress is committed to delivering top-notch services to their clients by ensuring their handpieces are operating at peak performance. […]

Massey Automotive

A mobile phone and tablet with an automotive repair website.

Case Study: Massey Automotive Repair Shop of Marietta, Georgia Project Overview: Massey Automotive Repair Shop, a leading car repair and maintenance service provider in Marietta, Georgia, approached Newman Web Solutions Agency, an automotive marketing agency with a request to revamp their outdated website. The goal was to create a modern, user-friendly website that accurately represents […]