How To Make Landing Pages That Convert

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How To Make Landing Pages That Convert How To Make Landing Pages That Convert
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How To Make Landing Pages That Convert

You might be wondering how to create landing pages that convert. This particular section of your website can help you reach a specific target market. And the best part is you can create different landing pages for different types of customers.

It’s easy to confuse your website’s homepage with a landing page. But users can actually land on many different pages on your website. This depends on who you are targeting. Backlinks from social media posts and emails are one of the best platforms for your potential customers to reach your landing page.

Now here are ways on how to create a successful landing page.

How To Make Landing Pages That Convert

Pro Tips in Making Landing Pages That Convert

Here’s what the experts have to say when thinking of converting leads successfully through your landing page.

One CTA Will Do

The goal of every entrepreneur who owns a website must be for their potential clients to know what to do next when visiting their website. And in cases like this, less becomes more.

Whether you want them to book a call or schedule a service, the best landing pages that convert are those that convey a clear message.

Other examples of call to action are to let visitors contact you or sign up either for a newsletter or a free trial. This is a great way of persuading customers to purchase your product or service. But regardless of your CTA, you must keep it simple and single.

The logic behind having only one call to action is to give your site visitors a single choice. Otherwise, it will be less likely for them to respond. On the other hand, when given only one choice, they are more likely to act.

The Simpler The Better

Landing pages that convert make potential clients provide certain information. And usually, it includes the email address. However, you must avoid making them fill up complicated forms.

Whether you ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or to sign up for a free trial period, there is no need for you to get their complete address, their birthday, or their mother’s full maiden name.

The key is keeping your form as straightforward and as easy as possible. The fewer fields to fill in, the better.

Use a Killer Headline

Headlines are the very first thing that anyone sees when visiting a web page. It can even be one of the reasons for a potential customer to become an actual customer. So don’t miss this chance by having a bland headline.

When creating a headline, the goal is to have it read right away subconsciously before someone knows that they have actually read it. You don’t have to make it long to have an impact. A killer headline can even be achieved with less than ten words.

The purpose of the headline is to catch the attention of your potential customers. Once you successfully get their interest, support it with a follow-up statement using a subheading.

The purpose of a headline is to describe the service or product of your company using a punchy statement.

A good example of a killer headline is the one from Newman Web Solutions Agency.

Landing Pages That Convert: More Tips from the Experts

Put Yourself in Your Client’s Shoes

How you put yourself in your client’s shoes is the same as how you see your product or service from your client’s point of view. Meaning, instead of showcasing the features of your service or product, you look for the advantages of connecting with your company instead.

In building landing pages that convert, checking your competitors’ websites will do you good than harm. Besides, how will you be able to stand out from the competition if you have no idea what makes your service or product better than the others?

Use Check Boxes and Bullet Lists

A killer headline may indeed grab a potential client’s attention right away. But what will keep them engaged and interested takes more than just a headline.

The key to having your potential clients scan through your entire landing page lies within short forms of information. You can use numbered or bulleted lists and checkboxes. Short forms of texts are easy to absorb without you even intentionally reading them.

Lists are also one of the secrets of landing pages that convert. The more you can make someone scroll down the page, the more likely they are to buy your service or product.

Take Advantage of Cliffhangers

Cliffhangers can awaken the curiosity of the readers. It gives that sense of suspense that an audience experiences after an event or story. Cliffhanger is basically a hanging ending to an episode that makes the audience look forward to a new one.

When creating a landing page, it is important for potential clients to feel like there is still something that they need to do. So after they become familiar with your service or product, you can ask them to confirm their email address.

The realization that they still need to do something before completing the onboarding keeps your business in the minds of your potential clients.

How to Do Landing Pages That Convert

Show Some Evidence

The best way to gain trust from your potential clients is to build it with your former clients. Reviews from your past clients are enough proof that your company is authentic and can be trusted.

When doing landing pages that convert, it is important to have evidence that your website is not the same as the other sites on the web. Since technology nowadays makes it easier for anyone to create a website, it is hard to gain that trust badge from your clients.

Aside from testimonials and having a trust seal, other forms of evidence can prove the authenticity of your website. These include certificates from trusted partners.

Having evidence that what you are showing to the public is genuine does not mean that what you have to display are perfect reviews. Unless you want your potential clients to doubt you, you have to include all reviews, whether good or bad.

Use Straight to the Point Images

Did you know that some of your potential clients out there may not directly get what your service or product is for? That is a common scenario, especially when they do not have all the information that they need. That is why the goal of landing pages that convert is to make your message as clear and as straightforward as possible.

One way to help customers to get your point in no time is through images. Help potential clients see themselves using your service or product with photos that speak a clear message. When done right, chances are you’ll be able to persuade them to get what you are offering them.

Create Landing Pages That Convert with Newman Web Solutions

A landing page is that part of your website that can be accessed through a link. It is vital to the success of promoting your service or product. So if you want to know how to create a landing page that actually converts, reach out to our Atlanta web design company for help.

With the variety of digital marketing services that we offer, you will definitely reach your target market and eventually grow your business.

Get in touch to learn the ins and outs of making landing pages or one-page websites that convert.

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