Create an Overlapping Divi Centered Inline Logo

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How To Create An Overlapping Divi Centered Inline Logo Feature Image Create an Overlapping Divi Centered Inline Logo

Create an Overlapping Divi Centered Inline Logo

Table of Contents

Figured it out! Finally!

It has been a struggle trying to find a solution that would allow me to create an overlapping Divi centered inline logo.  I was able to find the method Quiroz shared on his tutorial for the Divi Overlapping Logo using the default menu settings. I kept checking back there to see if anyone came up with css for the inlined.  I gave up several times, must have Googled it a zillion times but never could find a css code that would work for me.

Recently a client came to wanting her Texas Longhorn logo to overlap the center of here menu and I groaned inside.  Determined to find a solution, I tried again and as before could not find anything.  I was hoping I’d have better luck this time nearly a year later.

Ready to give up once again – playing around with the css in developer mode, I actually stumbled upon a way of making this work for my client’s website.   Therefore I am sharing it here for other’s looking for the same solution.  You may have to adjust sizes but basically you need to first make the centered inline logo wrap width wider (I used 200px)  I hope it helps!

If anyone has knows another method, would love to hear it! Be sure to check out our other article on Divi Builder themes.

To check out how it works for my clients’ website –


/* overlapping divi centered inline logo by Newman Web Solutions */
#top-header {z-index: 99999;}
#logo {
max-height: 220%;
margin-top: 0px;
z-index: 100000;
@media only screen and (max-width : 980px) {
#logo { margin-top: 0px}}
li.centered-inline-logo-wrap {width: 200px !important;}
.et_header_style_split .centered-inline-logo-wrap #logo {
max-height: 220%;
.et_header_style_split .et-fixed-header .centered-inline-logo-wrap #logo {
max-height: 300%;
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10 Responses

  1. This worked great! Thanks so much for resolving this issue. Any tips making enlarging the logo size, should I adjust the snippet or make the actual logo larger?

    1. Glad it helped. The wrap confines it from getting larger. Not sure how much larger you can make it but you can try adjusting the width of the wrap: li.centered-inline-logo-wrap {width: 200px !important;}

  2. OMG, after weeks of searching, struggeling and headbanging I searched again with google and found this solution, which worked immediately. I cannot say how happy I am to found this! Thank you thank you thank you !

    1. So happy it helped… I spent months myself, trying different methods and hoping someone would find a solution- gave up and figured out a way myself. You are very welcome 🙂

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