Holiday Email Marketing – 10 Ideas To Up Your Game

Holiday Email Marketing - 10 Ideas To Up Your Game

Holiday Email Marketing – 10 Ideas To Up Your Game

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Holiday Email Marketing

The holidays are just around the corner. It’s time for people to celebrate with their loved ones and buy them presents. Everyone is shopping, so it’s the most important season when it comes to marketing your business. No matter what you sell or offer, this is the time people are spending money. It’s time to up your holiday email marketing game. Here are 10 effective holiday email marketing strategies.

1. Offer a discount

The thing people want more than anything else, especially at this time of year, is a good discount. A great discount for this time of the year is a BOGO discount. The customer can get two items and give them both as presents. We can always use extra presents for people who we forgot about. However, a regular percentage off discount is always welcome, too! It’s usually a good idea to allow the coupon to expire the day after Christmas.

2. Incorporate charity

The holidays are the season of giving. People want to feel like they’re doing good with all of their shopping. It will help them feel better when they swipe their card. Inform your customers that a portion of the profits will go to a particular charity. Make sure to do the things you say you plan to do. You don’t want to mislead your customers. This is a season of giving for you and your business as well.

3. Start well before the holiday

Many people get their shopping done well before the holiday. You want to reach people while they still have some shopping to do. Send holiday email messages in early November. You can always continue to send them or send reminders to people who haven’t utilized them yet as the time gets closer.

4. Provide product reviews

It seems like there are a million of the same product out there. It can hard to tell which one you should purchase. Help your customers pick the item that they really want by sending emails with clear product comparisons. They may even buy the product from you right then.

5. Offer delivery guarantee

Many people question whether to buy something online in the case that they don’t get it by Christmas. After all, what’s the point if you don’t get it in time to give it as a gift? Inspire confidence by giving people a guaranteed delivery date. If you cannot make the delivery date for some reason, you need a plan on how to handle that.

6. Don’t forget your Jewish customers

While most of the people in the country celebrate Christmas, a large portion of the population celebrates Hanukkah. It can make them feel left out when every email they receive revolves around the Christian holiday and not them. Including your Jewish customers can actually make you stand out to them. Send at least one correspondence to honor the other popular holidays around this time.

7. Take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Many people plan to spend a lot of money right after Thanksgiving. People believe that this is when they can get the best deals. Usually, they’re right. Hop on the bandwagon! Offer exclusive deals for those days. Research what other people are offering so you can match it if not do even better.

8. Use Christmas imagery and humor

People get a number of different marketing emails every single day. You need yours to stand out somehow. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make your email look good and make people chuckle. Start at the very beginning with a catchy subject line. When they open the email, it should look good without being so graphic-heavy that it doesn’t display properly. It should also incorporate some humor involving Santa and Mrs. Klaus, being naughty or nice, or a variety of other Christmas-themed jokes. People will be more inclined to remember and use your coupon.

9. Use A/B testing

It can be difficult to determine which holiday email marketing ideas are working and which ones aren’t. Try sending out two different campaigns with two different coupon codes. This can help you monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can use this information for future campaigns to help them be more successful.

10. Simply say Merry Christmas

Your email doesn’t necessarily have to do about business. The people in your email marketing list have been an integral part of your business and your success. Give them a shout out by simply saying, “Merry Christmas!”. Naturally, you want to put the name of your business on the card. However, you can also make it more personal with a picture of you and your family.

The holidays are a great time for most businesses. Make the most of the holiday and market properly. If you market properly, you will see a significant increase in sales. Contact our team at Newman Web Solutions for a free 30 minute consultation to find out how we can help you prepare for your holiday email marketing campaigns.

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