Can Contractors Benefit From HomeAdvisor?

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Can Contractors Benefit From Homeadvisor Can Contractors Benefit From HomeAdvisor?
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Can Contractors Benefit From HomeAdvisor?

It’s no secret that the home improvement and repair industry is a competitive one. With home values on the rise and more people choosing to stay in their homes and invest in upgrades, contractors are always looking for an edge on their competition. So, can contractors benefit from HomeAdvisor?

For those unfamiliar, HomeAdvisor is a website and app that connects homeowners with local contractors for home improvement projects. homeowners can post a job and get free quotes from local contractors. So, how can this be beneficial for contractors?

Well, for starters, it’s a great way to get your name and business out there. With HomeAdvisor’s massive reach and popularity, there’s a good chance that homeowners in your area are using the platform to find contractors. By being visible on the site, you’re increasing your chances of getting hired for a job.

In addition, HomeAdvisor can help you to vet potential customers. You can read reviews of the homeowners before you decide to take on a job. This can help you to avoid working with difficult or unruly customers, and can also give you a better idea of what the job will entail.

We will examine the benefits and drawbacks of using Home Advisor for your contracting business; we will also answer the question you have:

Advantages of HomeAdvisor

Similar to other advertising channels, there are advantages and disadvantages of Home Advisor. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key ones you’ll benefit  from.

HomeAdvisor’s effectiveness is one of its advantages, and this is why the company is still around today. People search for services online, so being prominent on a site specializing in your industry is particularly helpful.

In addition, Home Advisor is a great way for new contractors to find customers. With Home Advisor, you can get your business off the ground and running before you can build your client base through word-of-mouth and referrals. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to reach a lot of potential customers that you wouldn’t  otherwise be able to.

HomeAdvisor is simple to manage, which is yet another advantage for contractors. Once you’ve created your account, the rest is pretty straightforward. In fact, Home Advisor lets you turn on and off your leads at any time. For example, if you are getting too many leads, you can turn them all off at first and then turn them back on once business slows down.

Disadvantages of HomeAdvisor

There are usually a few disadvantages that come with advantages. The following reasons might discourage your contracting business from using the services of HomeAdvisor.

Most contractors who are opposed to Home Advisor have expressed concern about giving up some of their business rights. It states in Home Advisor’s terms of service that information provided in your profile can be used to link back to their website. Contractors have said they do not agree with Home Advisor using their names to promote the company’s business and that it borders on unethical.

Furthermore, contractors have noted that leads they receive from HomeAdvisor aren’t worth the time and effort.

HomeAdvisor charges you a fee for every new lead you receive.  So regardless of whether the lead converts, HomeAdvisor is still charging you.  Leads are often directed to contractors other than you, so be sure to keep in touch so you don’t pay for leads that were obtained by another contractor.

HomeAdvisor is one option that can get rather pricey. You can spend a lot of money if you’re constantly getting leads that don’t result in any actual business.

It costs more than $50 to get leads for large contracting jobs! As a new business, you can’t afford to spend that much on each lead.

Is HomeAdvisor worth the cost?

Contractors who are just starting out and who need to build a loyal client base can benefit from HomeAdvisor. Furthermore, contractors who hit a slow season and are looking for additional business will find it useful.

HomeAdvisor has one obvious downside that contractors should be aware of: the high cost of leads. As a result, you might be paying money for leads that may not even be worth your time or result in a sale.

Not every customer seeking contracting services will turn to HomeAdvisor. Putting all your eggs in HomeAdvisor’s basket could mean you miss possible sales. When used in combination with other online tactics, such as SEO, Pay Per Click, social media, and email marketing, HomeAdvisor could be very effective.

Are There Alternatives to HomeAdvisor?

There are alternative options available to contractors who do not wish to use HomeAdvisor. The following alternatives may help increase your profile’s visibility if you’re considering HomeAdvisor.

The Newman Web Solutions Agency recommends that your contracting website should be optimized for search engines, or SEO. Your website will become more visible in search engine results when you use SEO, and this will increase your ROI dramatically. The benefits of this solution are that you won’t have to worry about paying for leads that aren’t qualified.

SEO – How Does It Work?

Understanding search engines is crucial to SEO success. It’s impossible to rank highly if you do not understand how search results are determined.

There is no payment for Google rankings. The order of websites is not determined by a single factor, but by a combination of  factors, including:

  1. Originality and quality of content
  2. Backlinks to the site
  3. Speed of the site
  4. Interaction with visitors and bounce rate
  5. Navigability

Because there is no money involved, competitors with more money cannot outbid you. Your website will achieve the top position in search engine results if it focuses on the best SEO practices.

Nevertheless, SEO is not a once-and-done process. Your content, your site speed, and your overall design must constantly be optimized, tested, and improved for Google’s algorithms. Be sure to check out our article on how to protect your home improvement business from Google algorithm changes.

HomeAdvisor can end up costing you hundreds of dollars per month for just a few useful leads. Only a few of your potential customers use HomeAdvisor to search for your services, but they all use search engines. With SEO, your online presence can be improved, your leads can be increased, and your return on investment increases.

Find Out How We Can Help You With SEO

With our SEO packages starting at $350 per month, our WordPress SEO services are affordable for small businesses. Our Atlanta SEO marketing agency can even customize an SEO plan for your business and your budget.

It is the aim of this page to provide insight into whether or not using HomeAdvisor for contractor marketing services method is a good idea, as well as suggest an alternative worth checking out. We’d be happy to talk with you about our SEO packages if you have any additional questions about HomeAdvisor.


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