Project Discovery Questionnaire

Our questionnaire below gathers detailed information to better understand your needs, goals, and audience. This allows us to create an effective website that engages visitors and encourages potential customers to take action.

Part 1. Contact Information

Please let me know the most effective ways to contact you for collaborative purposes.
Your Name(Required)

Part 2. Website Information

Business Address

Part 3. Understanding Your Business and Brand

Please provide information about your business, including the type of products or services you offer.
List the areas and locations you service. (cities, states, etc.)
Provide demographic characteristics of your target audience (age, gender, location)
Please help to identify the customer's external, internal, and philosophical issues.
How are you different from anyone else who does what you do? What is unique about you, your business, your services, products, and programs, your background, or even the way you work?
Please provide details and examples of how your product or service has helped your customers.
Please provide names and their websites.

Part 4. Website Discovery

If you have a current website, what do you LIKE and/or NOT LIKE about it?
We typically design to compliment your brand and logo. Please provide any existing branding guidelines or design preferences that should be incorporated into your new website.
Please provide links to at least three websites that you like, regardless of industry.
Examples of pages include, home, about, contact, services, products etc.
Examples of forms include contact forms, intake forms, booking forms, applications and so on.
Are there any additional comments or specific features and functionalities you want on the website to be successful? (e.g., e-commerce, blog, contact forms)
(portals, CRMs, back office, calendars, booking apps, etc.)
(e.g., sign up for a newsletter, request a quote, make a purchase)
(New website logo, website content, images, etc.)