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Your Website Colors and Typefaces

Your website design is a reflection of your business and the style of that business. Yes, your business does have a style!  What colors and typefaces are you using to represent your business in the best possible light, and in keeping with the mission of your business?

For example, if you are a childcare business, bright, clear colors are more suitable than black and red. Your typeface would lean more toward Comic Sans versus Papyrus to match the fun and happy child idea you want to present to your customers and future customers.

On the other hand, if you are selling high-end automobiles, Black, Red, and Silver would be more suitable than pastel blue, and Helvetica, Ariel or Century typefaces match your product image much better than typefaces considered more “fun”. High-end automobiles or other high-end products need to have a particular sophistication to connect with the audience for those products.  A BMW driver would laugh at a pastel, Comic Sans laden website!

Professional services’ websites should also match the style of the business. Accountants’ websites will generally steer toward the color Green – the color of money – yet Natural Products websites will also use the color green – the color of nature – and the typefaces for each could be different.  More straightforward and clean typefaces for Accountants (you don’t want to tangle with taxes!), and more personal and human, perhaps even a bit of whimsy, for products wanted to be seen as connected to Nature.

Attorney website colors lean toward Grey, Black, and White, probably coordinating with their suits and/or the nature of clear verdicts of Guilty or Not Guilty. Their typefaces will be clear and simple to represent the unfussy nature of the profession.

And of course, the color Pink is highly associated with many Women oriented websites! But the varieties of pink will also pinpoint the type of business. A quilting shop may use pale pink, a fitness site may use hot pink, and a deep magenta, almost purple, color may signal female without being overly so.  Again, tied into the branding of the business, the website’s typeface and font size will be representative of that business.  A fitness site won’t use the silliness of Comic Sans, it would use something more powerful and strong, illustrating the strength and power one would achieve from using that fitness product or service.

Products or services that are about water or cleaning will, of course, use the color Blue – the color of water itself. Walk down any supermarket’s laundry product aisle and it’s a world of blue.  Pool companies, plumbers, water cooler companies – all generally will use the color blue. However, because so many do use this color, some companies will go outside the box and use a contradictory color like pink or yellow to stand out from the crowd.  This is something to consider for your business. You will stand out, but will that be in a good way or subliminally irritating to the customer?

Your choice of predominant colors in your website should be cohesive with your logo color(s). The colors should flow with one another and present a unified plan. If your logo is red and black, then pale blue on your website would be very jarring to the audience. Greys and white would be a better website color choice with that color logo.

Keep in mind the real-world implications of color combinations as well. For example, black and yellow bring to mind Caution tape – and caution is not something to instill in customers you want to purchase your product or service.

As your digital marketing team, we will guide you to color and typeface selections that will be suitable to your brand and business as well as your audience. With over 20 years of experience in these matters, you are incapable hands with Newman Web Solutions for creating the website that both you and your customers will appreciate.  Contact us today for a free strategy session so we can help you grow your business.

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