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Are Free Websites Worth It?

In our work here at Newman Web Solutions, we design websites for all kinds of businesses and industries – from life coaches to contractors and home service industries, and more. Many times our customers find us after they’ve had a disastrous experience.

Some customers were trying to build a website themselves with one of those “freebie” sites (remember, you get what you pay for!), or they had hired a website designer who only speaks “website”, not English, and was lost in a dark forest of web lingo without a clue. And when finished their website did not reflect their own vision!

All that wasted money elsewhere because the original website designer wasn’t able to translate what the customer wanted into a beautiful clean website design. These “free” sites ended up costing a lot of time with very little good result.

One of our clients was a “rescue” from a disaster, and now her website looks beautiful, is fully functional, and is generating income for her.  She now has a website that actually converts and is thrilled that we took a lemon and made a lovely sorbet for her.

When you hire us as your website designer, we will ask you:

  • What type of business you have
  • For a general idea of what style you are looking for
  • For a few other websites that you’ve seen that look like what you would want

The team at Newman Web Solutions also gives you examples of website template designs or custom website design styles that we have in-house.  There is a wide variety of designs to choose from, and we are confident we’ll help you find a design appropriate for your business and your style.

When you have your own website customized to your brand, rather than buying a generic template or using a freebie website, it can be customized for your exact needs.

If you try doing your own DIY website, you most likely will discover it is too difficult to figure out and you end up with a mess because you don’t know what you are doing.  You are not a website designer, you are a business owner.

Do you really want your business represented by some off-the-rack DIY website that you have cobbled together as best as your inexperienced self could do?  No, you really don’t.

Your business is represented online on the World Wide Web (yes, it’s global, remember) by your website.  You’ve invested enormous amounts of time, money, sweat, and tears into your business.  Why would you then put up a cheap and poorly designed website to represent your “baby”?  That’s penny-wise and pound foolish. A cheap or free website reflects badly on your business, so avoid falling into that trap.

One thing to consider is there is also more than just appearances to consider.  Let’s say you put together a pretty decent website on your own.  Can people find it on the internet? There is more that goes into designing just a “pretty” website.  We build websites using WordPress technical SEO optimizations for your foundation from the ground up.

Newman Web Solutions are extraordinary website designers who speak “human”.  We can translate what you are expressing into the perfect website for your needs and wants inside and out.

Having a great website representing your business online is your 24/7 marketing tool to showcase your company and to help generate revenues for you.  When you’re ready for a real website or a redesign, contact us for a free strategy session. Your online audience awaits.

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