One thing that new clients to often don’t realize is that website designers don’t create the content of the website pages, we only build the framework.

Most WEBSITE DESIGNERS DO NOT CREATE CONTENT – YOU DO. The content is up to the client to provide. After all, the client knows their business way better than we do.  If a client isn’t comfortable writing their own content, they can even hire a content writer. A website content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires a different type and level of content. Content should contain words keywords that attract visitors to a website. Content written specifically for a website should concentrate on a specific topic. It should be easy to read, offering the information in easy to understand manner.

We can show you the layout, the spacing, the widget box area, and all the design elements that will make up your website.

To “flesh out” these areas, a common practice with all website builders is to use the pseudo-Latin text filler, Lorem Ipsum (  to show you what the site would look like with content inserted.  This filler text is replaced by your actual content once supplied to us.

Content for your website is not something pulled off the shelf. It’s an integral part of your business that you want to show to your website visitors. What do you want to tell them? That’s your content.

Before you get anxious about creating content for your website, relax.

Often you already have content ready and available to you in the form of your brochures, your product catalogs, your menus, your training materials, your Powerpoint presentations, and much more.

Much of this information can be used as content on your business website, saving you time and effort. Reusing existing information also reinforces your brand online by incorporating your offline material.

Keep in mind however, that the existing content needs to be presented to us in a format that we are able to use to upload to your website online. Sending us your brochure doesn’t do the trick. It must be retyped in a Word document and sent via email to us.

Photos and slides must also be presented to us in such a way that we can upload them online. A physical photograph can’t be uploaded, but a JPG or PNG version of it can be. These formats are what we need to use your existing content on your website.

We can use the information, but we can’t use the physical item, so you may have to re-create your existing content – print especially – into a web-oriented format and emailed to us.  But if you have the original files that you emailed to your printer, then they should be able to be reused on your website without too much difficulty.

We will let you know the size of the photos needed for your website based on the theme style of your site. For example, if you send us a thumbnail photo, it can’t be used in an enlarged state because the pixels will not translate into a good looking picture.  Each website design has sizing requirements for photos and for text.

If your text articles are voluminous and much scrolling would be needed to read them, we would advise you to edit them to a manageable length. However, if you have written scholarly articles that need publishing in their entirety, we would suggest an Executive Summary prior to leading into the full-length article.  Content size depends on your business and your website theme. will create a website for you that you will be proud of. And your content will help make it so.

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