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Viral Giveaways, Contests and Sweepstakes

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Viral Giveaways, Contests and Sweepstakes

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There’s no better way to collect leads and generate traffic for your site than by creating viral giveaways. A well-executed, but simple giveaway can help you grow your business quickly and for a relatively low cost.

Before running a giveaway, it’s important to be organized and begin to put together goals for your giveaway. Ask yourself if you wanting to generate excitement about a new service or product, or are you trying to increase more sales? Are you trying to grow your e-mail marketing list, or gain more followers on your social accounts?

Be sure to offer a desirable prize. It’s important to determine what the actual prize will be before you begin your giveaway. Perhaps a new product or service? Even gift cards or opportunities will work.

Once you have all your ducks in a row, you will need a tool to organize the giveaway. The good news is that if you are subscribed to our Bridging the GAP program, we will run it for you.

Our Process for Viral Giveaways:

  1. Schedule your Giveaway
  2. Set up your sweepstakes page so it looks great on any device or size screen.
  3. Customize the Giveaway to match your brand and website.
  4. Limit sign-ups per IP, and submissions require confirmation by email to qualify.
  5. Encourage users to share by offering users who refer other users a better chance of winning.
  6. Capture emails and send them to your favorite 3rd party email marketing service.
  7. We will use a tool that will auto pick your winner(s)

If you already have customers, let them know about the giveaway and contest. Send an email to your existing customers to inform them about the giveaway. Post the contest on all your social media accounts – encourage others to join in.  Post reminders during the campaign.

Once the campaign is over, shine a spotlight on the winner. This helps create social proof for your business and will be enticing to get more entries for your future giveaways.

So are you ready to grow your business now?  What are you waiting for, ask our Marietta Web Design team how we can run viral giveaways or contests for you!  Let’s Bridge the GAP together!

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