It’s days like today that really make us smile and appreciate that we are truly blessed with some of the best clients!  We truly have a passion for what we do in helping our clients to achieve their goals. We enjoy being a part of their team and building an ongoing relationship with our clients.

We have been out of the office the last couple of days working offsite, training and other meetings.  Only half way through the week, it’s already been crazy busy. When we arrived to our office on the Square today, someone from the front desk left a note on our door letting us know our package was in the fridge in the kitchen.

Obviously, the first thing I did was go to the refrigerator to see what package was there.  We knew we had not ordered anything ourselves especially something requiring being refrigerated. I had to smile when I opened the door to see they had carefully filled up the space with quite a sizable box 🙂

In the neatly packed box, we discovered that it was a gift from a SEO client of ours – with such a lovely message that truly made our day. Their appreciation for us really means a lot to us and it is truly a blessing to have the opportunity of being a part of their team.  Such a beautiful box, it found it’s permanent resting place in our office.  Our clients happiness is our success and ultimate reward.

gift from seo client



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