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MailChimp Email Marketing Service

MailChimp is an awesome email marketing tool! Love the videos they make, so creative! Finally got around to monkeying around with the mailchimp settings while trying to set up and fine tune my list and campaign settings.

I started by setting up a google feedburner and thought that would do the job. And don’t get me wrong it really does. However, MailChimp gets the job done even better! As a designer, I love the way you can design your own templates the way you like and add a a custom mailchimp sign up form. There is really no comparison aesthetically. I was able to tie my MailChimp in with my Google Feedburner and add mailchimp to wordpress so it appears I have the best of both worlds! You just enter the RSS feed and MailChimp takes care of the rest. To check out how to do this yourself, click here for RSS to Email!

I prefer to keep my Feedburner RSS feed versus just using my regular RSS feed on my site. Have you ever noticed they don’t actually work in chrome? With Google Feedburner you don’t have to worry about that happening. Feedburner also gives visitors the option to view your posts in multiple methods besides emails if they choose.

Two thumbs up for MailChimp, they makes everything so easy for you. Don’t forget to integrate MailChimp with your Facebook also. Be sure to check out more of their WordPress knowledge base at:

FYI. I just attended an Online Training Webinar and can tell you they are very helpful and free. So be sure to check them out as well!

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