Photos are a key element of your website design that Newman Web Solutions creates for you.  Websites now are much more visual than they were in the past, and your website needs to show great photos too.

You can tell an old website by the lack of visual interest – photos are small or nonexistent. Boring!

You aren’t coming to us for an old, out-dated looking website, you want the best of modern style and we create that website design for you.

To give your website a great look, great photos are in order.

Now, there are many stock (generic) photos you purchase, and you must purchase them or be hit with liability issues. We don’t install photos on websites that aren’t your own photos or purchased ones. The legal ramifications are too huge.

And DON’T EVER pull something off the Internet to use unless it’s totally free of copyright and commercial use issues! Getty (a major stock photo house) just got hit with over a million dollar fine because they took photos they found on Twitter and used them without permission.  Just because a photo is on the internet, doesn’t mean someone does not own it.

Since most people now use smartphones, this is the easiest way to take your own photos for use on your website and on social media. But just because you took a photo, doesn’t mean you should use it.

A short photography lesson is in order.

Photography, paintings, film, video are all about the lighting.  If the lighting is bad, the picture won’t look good.

3 point lightingThere are three basic elements to good lighting: Backlight, Side or Fill light, and Key light.   This 3-Light System is what will make your photos look terrific and all three are essential.

To learn more, click here:

These elements apply whether shooting indoor or outdoor pictures.

One tweak to this diagram’s setup model is when you are outdoors shooting a photo of a person. Don’t have them face into the sun unless you want squinty eyes. But what you can do is have them face you, with their back to the sun, have something reflective to their side (someone standing nearby in a white shirt for example), and use a flash to illuminate the front of them.  Try this and gain practice with the idea of the 3-point lighting system.

Importance of photo lightingHere are two examples of an outdoor shot against the sun, one with flash, one without.

Even though the sun behind him is bright, the boy is illuminated by using a flash.

Here is the same boy on the beach, backlit by the sun, but no Key lighting was used to illuminate him so he’s in a semi-shadow.

LET’S TALK ABOUT PHOTOS FOR YOUR WEBSITEThese techniques are useful in all kinds of photos, so be sure to practice and pay attention to the lighting before taking that photo. Close one eye when analyzing the scene to get a better idea of how the photo will look without the 3rd dimension of both eyes. You want the lighting to give it that third dimension and depth.

Happy photographing!


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