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What does it mean to keep your website alive?

Often we have people who come to us for a website, but they just want a basic site to park on the web. They want a website because everyone tells them they need one for their business (yes, this is true), but they really have no interest in doing much with it.  They just want a website and don’t understand the importance of keeping their website alive.

So after you birth your child, you won’t feed it?

Websites are living platforms that you own, that you show to the world your business, your thinking, your products and services, your photos, your writing. It’s not a flat one-sheet.

If you want that, there are many freebie sites out there with which you can make your own website. We don’t do those.
We will create a great website for your business, but after it’s created, it’s up to you to keep it fresh and alive.

How do you keep your website fresh? And why do you want to do that?

The way to keep your brand new website alive and vibrant is to post new material on it. The content needs to be relevant to your services. Whether by a blog, a photo gallery with regularly added photos, or with new products and services.

With the platforms we use to build your site, it isn’t too difficult even for a newbie to do this. However, we also offer WordPress website maintenance plans for you if you want to create the content, send it to us, and we will upload it for you.

So why do I need to do all this creating and uploading?

Because if your website is “static”, meaning that nothing new has been added, the search engines will ignore you and you sink further in pages, letting your competitors rise higher.

It’s to your benefit to keep your website alive with new updates on a consistent basis.

When we build your website, we use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords in the inner workings of your site. But if your content – informational material, photo captions, blog posts – is not also created with these searchable keywords in mind (and not stuffed with them!), it doesn’t matter what we have done in the building of your site. This is not to say that our included keywords aren’t beneficial, but without added content geared toward SEO, the bloom of the initial keywords can fade.

Web search is how you get found. Updated content is how you get found more easily.

We can easily create a blog menu tab on your website so you can add posts. Photos and videos are also easily uploaded with the various modules or plugins that we use in the creation of your site. So it isn’t too difficult, and you must take the time to do it.

In this internet world, there is no such thing as “set it and forget it”. Your website needs to be alive to help keep your business alive. Continue to feed it so your content is found online.

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  1. Lori, Thank you for teaching me how to use the BLOG you put on our website you created! Everything in your article here is so TRUE!! It’s funny I was very intimated about learning about blogging, felt it was over my head, but in 30 minutes you taught me how to do it, now it is not only easy but addictive, I love doing it!! Thanks for all your great expertise and help!! Elizabeth

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! It is truly a pleasure working with you. I’m so happy you enjoy blogging. You are doing awesome! It’s a great way of interacting with your clients and potential clients 🙂 Happy Blogging!

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