Karma Go is here!

I cannot begin to express how life changing Karma Go is going to be for us!  I have been waiting for 10 months to get this baby in my hands and it is finally here!  It was well worth the wait!

Since my husband and I  love to travel this is going to be a life saver! (I can picture myself working from the beach or even downtown at a park in Atlanta now – the possibilities are endless!)  Since we often travel to Florida for business and pleasure, this gives us the ability to take our business with us…when we want too!

No more activating our Sprint hot spot from month to month when we need it on the road. No more worrying about where to meet clients based on wifi availability. Thanks to Karma Go, we can now meet just about anywhere. Just purchase the data as you need it –  it never expires!

The size is small and compact and fits perfectly in my purse or laptop bag. Setting it up was simple thanks to the folks at Karma Go! They have everything covered – love the informative emails containing videos that walk you through the process.  Really was seamless.  Awesome job Karma Go peeps!  Can’t wait to go places!


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