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Today Website Mobile Friendly Should Come First

People are using their smart phones and tablets more and more these days to post on Facebook, see reviews for restaurants, research neighborhoods for retailers, compare prices, make reservations, find discounts and deals, and to make purchases through apps. Amazon, anyone?

We are multi-screen users while at home too.  The IPad or smart phone is in our hands while we watch television, tweeting about the show we are watching, or looking up the advertiser of the product we just saw on our TV screens.

Customers are using the Internet to learn more about local businesses too. While an app is helpful, it is not necessary for every business to have one, but mobile search results are important.  When a customer or prospect searches your business from Google, Bing, or Yahoo on their phone, what will they find?  Or will they find you at all?

One reason that customers won’t find your website on their phone in the early pages of search results is that you haven’t maintained or updated your site in a very long time. These lagging search results apply to desktop searches as well. Updated websites with SEO friendly terms are more readily found, regardless of search origination.

But when customers find your website through a mobile search, does a mobile friendly website appear? One that fits the viewing screen size? Or does your main website appear on the phone screen, with tiny print that the viewer must pinch out to see?  A regular website viewed on a mobile device is too tiny and cluttered to be properly viewed, and your audience will lose patience and interest in trying to dig out what your site is about.  This is a quick way to lose potential customers!

You must keep mobile users and potential customers on your site; your standard website is awkward and insufficient for mobile and leads to lost customers.  To have your website easily seen on mobile devices – whether phones or tablets – requires Responsive Design, a specific plugin, or a specially made mobile site.  Newman Web Solutions can accommodate all of these needs and recommend the correct one beneficial to your business.

The internet has opened the world of commerce to the consumer. The consumer has researched you, compared you, reviewed you, and has purchased from you based on their internet research of your company and your competitors.  And they have done this in the palms of their hands!

Don’t think that a standard website is “OK” for mobile. It isn’t — unless you want to miss out on a huge potential market of mobile users who will bypass your unusable website because they cannot see it on their mobile devices.  Be ready for the mobile customer and have Newman Web Solutions create a mobile-friendly website for your business. You will be glad you did!

 Check to see if your website is mobile friendly with the Google’s Mobile Friendly test.

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