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As WordPress web designers, WordPress security is of the utmost importance to us and our clients.  Our clients count on us to be sure that we take extreme measures in protecting their website and keeping it optimized and running.  Having a WordPress website has huge benefits that certainly outweigh the potential risks that exist. You can definitely minimize these risks by taking the necessary precautions.

We have had several new clients come to us with existing sites that have been taken down or contain horrible malware advertising embedded on their website.  It can be extremely frustrating especially if you are running a business and can’t afford to lose your website and start all over.  We cannot express enough the importance of keeping your WordPress core, themes, and plugins updated and backed-up.  A quarter of all WordPress sites are hacked and attributed to plugins.

Be sure to check out the Bloggers Guide to WordPress Security for tips on protecting your website.  Your website is an important investment for your business. If you spend $3000 or more on a new website, you want to be sure that you protect that investment.  If your site is compromised, you can be out that the money you invested plus the loss of any sales due to downtime. Be prepared to also having to hire someone to repair or build you another new site.

If you don’t trust yourself in securing your website, check out our WordPress maintenance packages and let our Atlanta Web Design team handle it for you. We become an extension of your team. You can rest assured that if your site was ever compromised, we have several backups to restore it to and avoid hefty costs and dreaded downtime.

Guide to WordPress Security

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