It was our pleasure to be invited to Google Partners Connect with  A-Bullet Advertising & Design at id8 Agency to  learn more about the value of digital and online marketing and how you can expand your online presence through smarter insights to grow your business.

We discussed Mobile Marketing and the impact it has on visitors today and and why it should be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy and how you can convert mobile users by using excellent user experience

1 in 3 mobile searches lead to website visits, call or purchases.

Important facts:

  1. Today digital is where consumers are spending most of their time via computers, laptops, mobile etc
  2. What drives consumer behavior remains unchanged – it’ just they view it Increasingly more by mobile.

We no longer go online, we live online.

Our biggest opportunities are in micro moments: the moments that matter to marketers.  To find out how mobile has changed how we act and react to  in life, be sure to watch the video below with Tim Reis & David Chung.

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