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We are pleased to announce to you that we are updating our services so we may better serve our valued customers such as your self.  As an Atlanta Web Design Company, we have many valued clients and we want to continue to provide the best services we can for our loyal clients.

We want to continue to be an innovative and consistently creative company. In line with these goals, we have revamped our Website Maintenance Plans to now include FREE Hosting and SSL with each plan.

What does this mean for you?

If you are currently subscribed to one of our monthly website care plans, you no longer will be billed for yearly hosting. Instead, you will get the best WordPress hosting and SSL certificates with your monthly maintenance plan. This alone is a savings of about $200.00 per year per site.

Why are we doing this?

We value our clients. We want to continue to provide a safe, secure and optimized environment for all our clients’ websites. Due to the recent changes by Google, it is imminent that many Non-HTTPS sites will be labeled “Not Secured” by Chrome. Additionally, Google is now making HTTPS a more relevant search ranking factor.  The main benefits of HTTPS on your site is making it more secure for your website visitors and giving you a small boost in your search rankings (possibly larger in the future). WordPress SEO and WordPress Security remain high on our list of priorities.

We take the security of our customer’s sites seriously, therefore we no longer will allow hosting on our servers without being on one of our website care plans. For more information, please visit our Web Hosting Page and our Terms of Service page.

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