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Atlanta One-on-One WordPress Training featured image for blog post

One-on-One WordPress Training

Are You Struggling With WordPress? Do you need to learn WordPress so you can manage your WordPress website or blog?  Knowing how to use WordPress is very important in today's world...

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local business directory featured image for blog

Local Business Directory

Manage all your business listings using Yext Business Directory. Update your local listings in real time on maps, apps, & location services....

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Powerful Wordpress SEO plugins featured image for blog post

Powerful WordPress SEO Plugins

Is your WordPress website SEO friendly for search engines? A few plugins to your website may be all that you need to push your website up in the rankings. ...

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Best Atlanta SEO Company

Atlanta SEO Company

As you may know, Newman Web Solutions has been providing high-quality digital marketing services to clients just like you in Atlanta, GA. However, we’re pleased to announce our designation as a Best Atlanta SEO Company by UpCity three years in a row for 2016, 2017 & 2018!

What Does This Mean?

UpCity’s Top Local Agency marketplace is a resource designed to connect small and medium-sized local businesses with high-quality digital marketing service providers in their local area, allowing business owners to get the services they need quickly, from a service provider they can trust. The UpCity team independently reviews agencies across North America to determine the best service providers in each local market, ensuring that no matter where you are, great digital marketing services are never more than a click away.

Check Us Out!

To check out our profile and discover the UpCity Top Local Agency platform for yourself, follow this link: Top Atlanta SEO Companies

About UpCity

UpCity provides a comprehensive local inbound marketing platform to help digital marketing agencies scale SEO, local and social marketing services. The UpCity platform serves as a single operating system that includes robust project management, sales tools, reporting, and can be fully white labeled to streamline client engagements from on-boarding to ongoing engagement. UpCity, a venture capital-backed business based in Chicago, was founded in 2009. Learn more at http://www.upcity.com.

About Newman Web Solutions, LLC

“Newman Web Solutions is small Atlanta Web Design Agency and is dedicated to helping our clients increase their profits by creating a professional presence while driving more traffic to their website. We have over 20 years of experience in web design, website management, and internet marketing solutions. We leveraged this experience to develop websites and strategies to several hundred clients nationwide.”

Be sure to check out our WordPress Technical SEO packages. Thanks for being the most important part of our continued success: our awesome clients!

Top Atlanta SEO Company

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WordPress Security Photo

WordPress Security

WordPress Security should be a top priority for your website. Every WordPress website needs a security strategy. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and is used by nearly 75...

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WordCamp Atlanta 2017

WordCamp Atlanta 2017 was just as awesome as it always was this year. (I still fondly remember my first WordCamp Atlanta in 2012)  Kathy Drewien and all the volunteers made this event...

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Laptop with photo of Hosting Solutions

Free Hosting and SSL

We want to continue to be an innovative, and consistently creative company. In line with these goals, we have revamped our Website Care Plans to now include FREE Hosting with FREE SSL...

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Sam and Lori of Newman Web Solutions standing in front of a battleship in Houston TX

Everything IS bigger in Texas

Houston TexasSam and I had the wonderful opportunity to make a business trip to Houston.  We however did not let that keep us from enjoying some of the attractions and food of...

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Photo of brands for business Local SEO listings

Local SEO & Your Online Presence

To succeed, every business in the world needs a strong digital presence. A complete digital online presence includes:Online PresenceResponsive WebsiteOrganic Search RankingSocial Media Profiles & PostsCustomer ReviewsOnline Directory ListingsToday the majority of customers search for local...

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Best Web Designers in Atlanta 2016 Badge for Expertise

Top 25 Best Atlanta Web Designers

We at Newman Web Solutions, LLC are honored to be chosen as one of Atlanta's top 25 best Atlanta web designers. Expertise.com analyzed and scored 627 web designers on more than 25 variables across six...

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Screenshot of Newman Web Solutions Digital Marketing Agency on GMB Google My Business

Components of Local SEO

Rich shared with us the difference of local SEO compared to traditional SEO and 5 components that are vital for successful Local SEO....

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Screenshot of Divi Theme Builder website

Kick Ass Divi Theme Resources

We absolutely love the Divi WordPress Theme here at Newman Web Solutions! This is the smartest, most flexible theme in Elegant Theme's collection. When used with the Divi Builder and your choice...

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Pinterest screenshot of Divi Theme Inspiration examples including Newman Web Solutions website

Divi Theme Inspiration

Divi Theme InspirationWe are so excited that our website was chosen to be added to Mr. Technique's WordPress Divi Theme Inspiration Pinterest board. Tom's board displays websites using the Divi WordPress theme...

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photo of google logos and brands

Google Indexing HTTPS

Google Indexing HTTPSFirst it was mobile now it's https. Google announced December 2015 that they will be indexing HTTPS by default going forward. That means GoogleBot will start crawling HTTPS equivalents of HTTP pages, even...

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lady running from Website Colors and Font Typefaces

Business Website Colors and Typefaces

Your Website Colors and Typefaces

Your website design is a reflection of your business and the style of that business. Yes, your business does have a style!  What colors and typefaces are you using to represent your business in the best possible light, and in keeping with the mission of your business?

For example, if you are a childcare business, bright, clear colors are more suitable than black and red. Your typeface would lean more toward Comic Sans versus Papyrus to match the fun and happy child idea you want to present to your customers and future customers.

On the other hand, if you are selling high-end automobiles, Black, Red, and Silver would be more suitable than pastel blue, and Helvetica, Ariel or Century typefaces match your product image much better than typefaces considered more “fun”. High-end automobiles or other high-end products need to have a particular sophistication to connect with the audience for those products.  A BMW driver would laugh at a pastel, Comic Sans laden website!

Professional services’ websites should also match the style of the business. Accountants’ websites will generally steer toward the color Green – the color of money – yet Natural Products websites will also use the color green – the color of nature – and the typefaces for each could be different.  More straightforward and clean typefaces for Accountants (you don’t want to tangle with taxes!), and more personal and human, perhaps even a bit of whimsy, for products wanted to be seen as connected to Nature.

Attorney website colors lean toward Grey, Black, and White, probably coordinating with their suits and/or the nature of clear verdicts of Guilty or Not Guilty. Their typefaces will be clear and simple to represent the unfussy nature of the profession.

And of course, the color Pink is highly associated with many Women oriented websites! But the varieties of pink will also pinpoint the type of business. A quilting shop may use pale pink, a fitness site may use hot pink, and a deep magenta, almost purple, color may signal female without being overly so.  Again, tied into the branding of the business, the website’s typeface and font size will be representative of that business.  A fitness site won’t use the silliness of Comic Sans, it would use something more powerful and strong, illustrating the strength and power one would achieve from using that fitness product or service.

Products or services that are about water or cleaning will, of course, use the color Blue – the color of water itself. Walk down any supermarket’s laundry product aisle and it’s a world of blue.  Pool companies, plumbers, water cooler companies – all generally will use the color blue. However, because so many do use this color, some companies will go outside the box and use a contradictory color like pink or yellow to stand out from the crowd.  This is something to consider for your business. You will stand out, but will that be in a good way or subliminally irritating to the customer?

Your choice of predominant colors in your website should be cohesive with your logo color(s). The colors should flow with one another and present a unified plan. If your logo is red and black, then pale blue on your website would be very jarring to the audience. Greys and white would be a better website color choice with that color logo.

Keep in mind the real-world implications of color combinations as well. For example, black and yellow bring to mind Caution tape – and caution is not something to instill in customers you want to purchase your product or service.

As your website designers, we will guide you to color and typeface selections that will be suitable to your brand and business as well as your audience. With over 20 years of experience in these matters, you are incapable hands with Newman Web Solutions for creating the website that both you and your customers will appreciate.  Contact us today for a free strategy session so we can help you grow your business.

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Hand holding a cell phone during Mobilegeddon

Are you ready for Mobilegeddon?

April 21 is your last chance for mobile optimization before the 'Mobilegeddon'. Changes to Google’s search algorithms are coming and will have significant impact in ranking sites that are mobile-friendly with much...

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Chalkboard with Content Creation wireframe

Content Creation and Web Design

Website Designers Do Not Create Content - You Do! The content is up to the client to provide. After all, the client knows their business way better than we do....

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photo of a computer screen that reads content to keep you website alive

Keeping Your Website Alive

What does it mean to keep your website alive?

Often we have people who come to us for a website, but they just want a basic site to park on the web. They want a website because everyone tells them they need one for their business (yes, this is true), but they really have no interest in doing much with it.  They just want a website and don’t understand the importance of keeping their website alive.

So after you birth your child, you won’t feed it?

Websites are living platforms that you own, that you show to the world your business, your thinking, your products and services, your photos, your writing. It’s not a flat one-sheet.

If you want that, there are many freebie sites out there with which you can make your own website. We don’t do those.
We will create a great website for your business, but after it’s created, it’s up to you to keep it fresh and alive.

How do you keep your website fresh? And why do you want to do that?

The way to keep your brand new website alive and vibrant is to post new material on it. The content needs to be relevant to your services. Whether by a blog, a photo gallery with regularly added photos, or with new products and services.

With the platforms we use to build your site, it isn’t too difficult even for a newbie to do this. However, we also offer website management and maintenance plans for you if you want to create the content, send it to us, and we will upload it for you.

So why do I need to do all this creating and uploading?

Because if your website is “static”, meaning that nothing new has been added, the search engines will ignore you and you sink further in pages, letting your competitors rise higher.

It’s to your benefit to keep your website alive with new updates on a consistent basis.

When we build your website, we use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords in the inner workings of your site. But if your content – informational material, photo captions, blog posts – is not also created with these searchable keywords in mind (and not stuffed with them!), it doesn’t matter what we have done in the building of your site. This is not to say that our included keywords aren’t beneficial, but without added content geared toward SEO, the bloom of the initial keywords can fade.

Web search is how you get found. Updated content is how you get found more easily.

We can easily create a blog menu tab on your website so you can add posts. Photos and videos are also easily uploaded with the various modules or plugins that we use in the creation of your site. So it isn’t too difficult, and you must take the time to do it.

In this internet world, there is no such thing as “set it and forget it”. Your website needs to be alive to help keep your business alive. Continue to feed it so your content is found online.

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woman frustrated over her free website looking at her laptop

Why Free Websites Cost You

Are Free Websites Worth It?

In our work here at Newman Web Solutions, we design websites for all kinds of businesses and industries – from life coaches to contractors and home service industries, and more. Many times our customers find us after they’ve had a disastrous experience.

Some customers were trying to build a website themselves with one of those “freebie” sites (remember, you get what you pay for!), or they had hired a website designer who only speaks “website”, not English, and was lost in a dark forest of web lingo without a clue. And when finished their website did not reflect their own vision!

All that wasted money elsewhere because the original website designer wasn’t able to translate what the customer wanted into a beautiful clean website design. These “free” sites ended up costing a lot of time with very little good result.

One of our clients was a “rescue” from a disaster, and now her website looks beautiful, is fully functional, and is generating income for her.  She now has a website that actually converts and is thrilled that we took a lemon and made a lovely sorbet for her.

When you hire us as your website designer, we will ask you:

  • What type of business you have
  • For a general idea of what style you are looking for
  • For a few other websites that you’ve seen that look like what you would want

The team at Newman Web Solutions also gives you examples of website template designs or custom website design styles that we have in-house.  There is a wide variety of designs to choose from, and we are confident we’ll help you find a design appropriate for your business and your style.

When you have your own website customized to your brand, rather than buying a generic template or using a freebie website, it can be customized for your exact needs.

If you try doing your own DIY website, you most likely will discover it is too difficult to figure out and you end up with a mess because you don’t know what you are doing.  You are not a website designer, you are a business owner.

Do you really want your business represented by some off-the-rack DIY website that you have cobbled together as best as your inexperienced self could do?  No, you really don’t.

Your business is represented online on the World Wide Web (yes, it’s global, remember) by your website.  You’ve invested enormous amounts of time, money, sweat, and tears into your business.  Why would you then put up a cheap and poorly designed website to represent your “baby”?  That’s penny-wise and pound foolish. A cheap or free website reflects badly on your business, so avoid falling into that trap.

One thing to consider is there is also more than just appearances to consider.  Let’s say you put together a pretty decent website on your own.  Can people find it on the internet? There is more that goes into designing just a “pretty” website.  We build websites using WordPress technical SEO optimizations for your foundation from the ground up.

Newman Web Solutions are extraordinary website designers who speak “human”.  We can translate what you are expressing into the perfect website for your needs and wants inside and out.

Having a great website representing your business online is your 24/7 marketing tool to showcase your company and to help generate revenues for you.  When you’re ready for a real website or a redesign, contact us for a free strategy session. Your online audience awaits.

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Woman on her laptop looking at Website Photos

Website Photos are Bigger Than Ever!

Website Photos are HUGE!

Have a look at any new website these days and you’ll see how important – and Huge! – website photos have become.  Websites have become much more expansive visually than in the past, making the importance of your website photos center stage.

For an example of visual websites, Inc.com just changed their website to one with large photos, following in the footsteps of Fast Company, Mashable, Netflix, and many more.

Fonts have also become larger to match the photo size and keep the design coherent.  San Serif typefaces such as Arial, Helvetica, Calibri, etc. are easy to read, “clean”, and well-suited to the image-oriented websites so popular today.  Serif typefaces such as Times Roman, Cambria, or Century are ill-fitted to the modern look of photo-dominant sites.

With the importance of photos to your website design, it is essential that your original photo sizes are capable of being expanded to a larger size.  If your photos are small thumbnails or mid-size photos such as 400 x 400 pixels, they will not show well on your website.  Small photos become blurry and pixilated when enlarged and look awful when placed in a banner position on your website.

To avoid this enlargement problem, make sure that the photos you take personally are full-size in your camera, i.e. don’t zoom in as this adds to the pixilation issue.  Photos can always be cropped, but enlarging exposes the pixels – the little dots that make up a photograph.  When zooming in, you are already spreading the pixels which go even more widely spread when the photo is enlarged.  Taking a full-sized shot keeps the pixels tight so that when enlarged, the pixel spacing is not as great.

As an alternative to taking your own photos, you can purchase photos from various stock photo companies – Getty Images, StockPhoto, and others.  These photo companies have a wide variety of categories and pricing.  Once purchased, you then own that photo for all uses, but be sure to check what license you are buying for that photo.

One thing you definitely do not want to do is to steal a photo from the internet to use on your website! These photos are easily searched by the owners of those photos and if you are found out to have stolen their work, you will have huge legal issues.  And taking down the photo will not absolve you.

Newman Web Solutions uses only your original photos or purchased photos for use on your website, and will not use “illegal” photos. This is for your protection and ours.  Contact us for guidance on photos.

To recap:

  • Photos are more important to website designs
  • Website typefaces and fonts need to be “clean”
  • Photos need to be large enough to avoid pixelation
  • Use your own photos or purchase images
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Blog image on a tablet photo

Updated Blogs

Fresh Blogs are a key factor in having your website found in search, and it’s important to have it updated on a steady basis. ...

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woman on mobile friendly website scrolling on her phone

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Today Website Mobile Friendly Should Come First

People are using their smart phones and tablets more and more these days to post on Facebook, see reviews for restaurants, research neighborhoods for retailers, compare prices, make reservations, find discounts and deals, and to make purchases through apps. Amazon, anyone?

We are multi-screen users while at home too.  The IPad or smart phone is in our hands while we watch television, tweeting about the show we are watching, or looking up the advertiser of the product we just saw on our TV screens.

Customers are using the Internet to learn more about local businesses too. While an app is helpful, it is not necessary for every business to have one, but mobile search results are important.  When a customer or prospect searches your business from Google, Bing, or Yahoo on their phone, what will they find?  Or will they find you at all?

One reason that customers won’t find your website on their phone in the early pages of search results is that you haven’t maintained or updated your site in a very long time. These lagging search results apply to desktop searches as well. Updated websites with SEO friendly terms are more readily found, regardless of search origination.

But when customers find your website through a mobile search, does a mobile friendly website appear? One that fits the viewing screen size? Or does your main website appear on the phone screen, with tiny print that the viewer must pinch out to see?  A regular website viewed on a mobile device is too tiny and cluttered to be properly viewed, and your audience will lose patience and interest in trying to dig out what your site is about.  This is a quick way to lose potential customers!

You must keep mobile users and potential customers on your site; your standard website is awkward and insufficient for mobile and leads to lost customers.  To have your website easily seen on mobile devices – whether phones or tablets – requires Responsive Design, a specific plugin, or a specially made mobile site.  Newman Web Solutions can accommodate all of these needs and recommend the correct one beneficial to your business.

The internet has opened the world of commerce to the consumer. The consumer has researched you, compared you, reviewed you, and has purchased from you based on their internet research of your company and your competitors.  And they have done this in the palms of their hands!

Don’t think that a standard website is “OK” for mobile. It isn’t — unless you want to miss out on a huge potential market of mobile users who will bypass your unusable website because they cannot see it on their mobile devices.  Be ready for the mobile customer and have Newman Web Solutions create a mobile-friendly website for your business. You will be glad you did!

 Check to see if your website is mobile friendly with the Google’s Mobile Friendly test.

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woman writing website copy for her business

How to Write Your Website Copy

Writing Your Own Website Copy

When planning your website, it’s important to realize that all the website copy – the text information – that goes into your site needs to be created for the pertinent pages.  You must supply the copy that we insert into the site. We create the overall design and add the pages you need, but we will also need your page content.

To give you an idea of what your text layout will look like, we use a temporary Latin placeholder called Lorem Ipsum.

“With roots in classical Latin literature, lorem ipsum has been the print industry’s standard dummy text since the 16th century, and it was popularized in the 1960s. It has become the de facto placeholder text in web design, too, and is used in place of meaningful content during the design phase.”  — Mashable, 7/11/13

The text you write for your website should be Original to you and your company.  If you copy/paste from elsewhere on the web, there are means by which to catch the plagiarism, with the potential to cause you a great deal of legal trouble. So don’t do it! Write your own copy and stand out from everyone else and keep your website alive.

Writing your own copy gives your audience the full flavor of you and your offerings and what makes you different from your competitors. Your original copy can give you the advantage to customers over something off-the-shelf. It’s the opportunity to share your voice, so be You! Be original!

So, how to write? Jotting down notes of what you’d like to say will help. Then just start! Write without editing at first, then go back and clean it up. If you worry about the editing before you write, you will have a blank page for a long time. Edit after you write, not before.

Another way to write is to speak your “writing” into a voice recorder and write it from that. Most phones have voice recorders now, so you can do this at the odd moments you find in your day.  There are also dictation phone apps that will write a translation of your voiced words into an email or text that you can send to yourself.

When writing for a website, keep in mind the newspaper rule of “above the fold”.  Full-sized newspapers always put their most important information above where the newspaper is folded in half.  Your own written information also needs to be “above the fold” in the sense that the first paragraphs a viewer sees are visible without the viewer needing to scroll down.  You can visualize what your copy will look like on your site with our Lorem Ipsum placeholder text for font size and layout.

Keep your writing short and to the point. Bullet points and bold headings are helpful. The modern attention span is very short nowadays. People don’t want to read a novel. They want just the key points and approximately 700 to 1000 words.

If you find the task of writing your own website copy overwhelming, we have professional copywriters who shine in this department. Ask us about our copywriting services.

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photo of a photgrapher with camera in her hand

Hobby to Career… Follow Your Dreams

Hobby to Career… Is it possible?

Is it possible to change your career to one you really love?  How nice would it be to finally wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work? Many of us find we are not happy with our current careers and/or jobs. The reasons vary from not being happy with work conditions, rate of pay, co-workers, boss etc. Any one of these factors can affect job satisfaction.

Perhaps you do not receive recognition for a job well done, and feel unappreciated. Maybe your work conditions are unpleasant or you just don’t fit in with the company’s interests, values and enthusiasms. Or just maybe your daily tasks are not challenging enough or quite the opposite- overwhelming. The only way you will ever really be happy with your job is if you do something completely different, and change your career.

Why is it that so many of us end up in jobs that we do not like? I had to ask myself, Lori, what do you really WANT to do? What do you want to be when you grow up? (I giggle only because even after the age 40 I still ask myself this) I have asked myself this question over and over again. Deep down, I always really knew what it was, but never made any real effort to take it to the next level. I have always been advised to “do what I love.” I knew that the only thing that was preventing me from having that career I wanted was ME!

About 12 years ago, I discovered a new hobby building websites. I had a knack for it right away. I remember going to the bookstore and purchasing my first book on HTML. I spent hours browsing through the book shelves until I found it. It was a very thick book – in fact I still have that book today! My HTML book kept me entertained and occupied forever! With the help of this book, I was able to teach myself HTML so I could change and fix codes myself.

Of course, there were free websites back then with the pick and place editors but I wasn’t interested in keeping it simple. Years ago pages were made much simpler and much plainer than they are now. The templates consisted mostly of a banner, buttons and a background. Eventually we were inserting frames into pages. How cool was that to open another page into the same page with a click of a button?! Even the mouse-over buttons amazed me! My first mouse over menu, I must have sat there for hours amazed at how I could make them look like you were actually pushing them in when the image changed over.

Okay, do I sound like a “geek” yet? So let the truth be told – Yes I am a geek at heart and I love it. Building websites was in essence for me like putting a puzzle together and trying to make all the pieces fit until it worked and you got the overall picture completed. To this day, I am still just as amazed as to what you can do with a set of codes, just numbers and letters and produce some of the most amazing websites ever.

Back on subject now, there may be all kinds of reasons why I stayed in the job I chose for as long as I did. I was prepared to take the easy way out, or accept second best for me. It seemed like a good idea at the time, it was convenient and the money wasn’t bad either. Fortunately for me, a blessing in disguise, I became a statistic and found myself jobless due to the lack of work. Ironically, a couple weeks before being laid off, I had enrolled back into college to pursue my dreams and get the wheels turning to finally follow my heart. I wasn’t prepared for it to happen so quickly, I was planning on finishing school first. Over the years though I have learned that sometimes things happen for whatever reason beyond our control, and when one door shuts, another one opens.

It is such a shame I spent most of my days in a job I really was not satisfied with! Even when I was not physically at work, there were times I spent a lot of my time traveling to and from work – and way too much time and energy worrying about it or dreading it. When you really think about it, my work affected all other aspects of my life – my health, my family, my finances, my self-esteem, friendships etc. Feeling so negatively about it, resulted in a negative affect on everything else as well.

I have come to realize that choosing a career should not be a decision that is made so carelessly, or simply it is just because that’s what you can do. Choosing a career involves some serious self-investigation. I asked myself:

  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What am I good at?
  • What would I like to achieve in the future?
  • What are my interests and hobbies?

Once I knew these answers about myself, I had all the information I needed to investigate the career areas that suited me most. I investigated what training was necessary, where I could do it, what companies offered work in the field that I chose, etc. The key was finding my niche.

Of course, nothing worthwhile really comes easy without obstacles. Sometimes challenging questions and issues arise that require some careful thought. Although I have over 10 years of “self” experience with building websites, technology changes rapidly and I realized that it would be in my best interest to return to a College or University. It’s crucial for me to update my knowledge and skills, as well as develop the necessary credentials that I need to promote myself in order for me to become a successful web designer and developer. But this need not be a reason to stop me from having the career I love. It is just one of the many issues that need careful consideration in order to find the correct solution.

If we want something strongly enough then we need to make a commitment and stick with it. This means even finding ways of getting around any obstacles that seem to be in our way, and not allowing them to be excused for not taking action. “Doors are everywhere. Open them.” (A saying that a friend recently sent me in a Facebook message as I was writing this article, thanks Lacy)

Going from hobby to career is possible! Check out this article on some fun career ideas. Therefore, don’t give up chasing a career you love ~ Have a life that you love!

It’s YOUR choice!

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Frustrated woman who is losing business because she doesn't have a website with finger through empty wallet

No website? You are losing business!

Are you losing business because of no website?

Web design has evolved so much over the past several years, it is now extremely important to have a presence online. Your website should be a reflection of your business. If you’re a business owner without a website, you could be losing business and not even know it!

Even worse than not having a site, is having a website that is poorly designed that drives potential customers away! First impressions are very important and make a difference! A potential customer is more likely to contact you if your site is professional and pleasing to the eye. Having a clean and appealing design will help you to achieve your goals.

Having a website ensures that you are found by your potential customers, and that added with having a blog on your site will keep your site active which is important to search engine. By keeping your site fresh with new posts and content, improves your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and increases your chances of being found by more potential customers.

But please don’t let it stop there! Social Media marketing has also gained in popularity and plays a major role in increasing sales! Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of these less than traditional marketing strategies! These online solutions are much more effective in reaching your target audience than you may realize!

As a business person myself, I personally understand your needs! I can help you whether you are a business, or are just simply looking for a personal website or blog.

Just want to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, no worries, I can help you!

No website? If you’re interested in inquiring about the services we offer, please contact us for a free strategy session. We can help you reach your goals.

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