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Web Design

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lady running from Website Colors and Font Typefaces

Business Website Colors and Typefaces

Your Website Colors and Typefaces

Your website design is a reflection of your business and the style of that business. Yes, your business does have a style!  What colors and typefaces are you using to represent your business in the best possible light, and in keeping with the mission of your business?

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photo of a computer screen that reads content to keep you website alive

Keeping Your Website Alive

What does it mean to keep your website alive?

Often we have people who come to us for a website, but they just want a basic site to park on the web. They want a website because everyone tells them they need one for their business (yes, this is true), but they really have no interest in doing much with it.  They just want a website and don’t understand the importance of keeping their website alive.

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Woman on her laptop looking at Website Photos

Website Photos are Bigger Than Ever!

Website Photos are HUGE!

Have a look at any new website these days and you’ll see how important – and Huge! – website photos have become.  Websites have become much more expansive visually than in the past, making the importance of your website photos center stage.

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Blog image on a tablet photo

Updated Blogs

Fresh Blogs are a key factor in having your website found in search, and it’s...

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woman writing website copy for her business

How to Write Your Website Copy

Writing Your Own Website Copy

When planning your website, it’s important to realize that all the website copy – the text information – that goes into your site needs to be created for the pertinent pages.  You must supply the copy that we insert into the site. We create the overall design and add the pages you need, but we will also need your page content.

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