Boosting Facebook Posts – Is it Beneficial?

Boosting Facebook Posts - Is it Beneficial?

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Facebook has many ways for you to advertise, but the easiest way is to boost a status update. But before you boost another post, let’s discuss the three misconceptions surrounding boosted status updates as an advertising tool for small businesses. Is it boosting Facebook posts beneficial? Let’s find out!

Almost 1.62 billion active daily users and more than seven million advertisers make Facebook the number one choice for small business owners. The easiest way to advertise your business on Facebook is to “boost” a post. We all have been tempted to click on Boost Post while writing our Facebook updates for our businesses, but let’s talk about some of the Facebook boosting myths.

Is it really better to promote your brand by boosting Facebook posts?

No matter how many times you try to boost your posts, the ad will still need to pass through Facebook’s approval process, so be sure you are familiar with its advertising policies beforehand.

And even if all your posts somehow make it past Facebook’s ad review process, boosting a status update isn’t always a good idea. Before you boost a Facebook post, consider the following:

  • Do you have a reason for this post?
  • Does your post include a clear call to action?
  • Is the post linked to a solid landing page?
  • Does the post include a sales objective?

If you can’t answer yes to at least one of these questions, maybe you ought to reconsider boosting the post.

Make sure that the boosted post will give the viewer a reason to become a customer, then boost it. However, do not just boost every post, since that would mean you are paying only to post updates. 

It’s okay to boost a status update that’s already popular. Suddenly, you’re getting even more engagement, but if the post isn’t meant to drive traffic to your website, you might be paying for impressions from Facebook users you never heard from again.

The goal of any social media marketing strategy should be to generate engagement on Facebook; however, if you’re paying for ads, you should aim for more than just “likes”.

Is it best to boost Facebook posts with links (so people can click on them)?

The post or video you just created is awesome, so you probably shared it on Facebook. And now that “Boost Post” button is tempting you, because you want more traffic to your blog. But, think about it for a second.

Think about what traffic to that content will do for your business before boosting. Can traffic to the content convert readers into customers? If the content is an advertisement with a clear call-to-action, boost away.

If you are promoting your Facebook posts to get more likes or blog traffic, make sure they are your most valuable content. If you’re trying to raise engagement, promoted posts are better than boosted posts.

How effective is boosting Facebook posts for small businesses looking to try out social media advertising?

It’s so easy to boost a post, and the options look pretty low-cost, don’t you think? Our marketing team shared the same opinion with us: Boosting a post might be less work than creating an actual advertisement, but it’s no cheaper than any other type of Facebook advertising.

You’re really paying for reach when using boosted posts. That means you pay for people to just scan your post. While that might sound like a deal, you could end up paying for people to skim over your boosted post.

You will typically blow your entire daily budget on boosted posts, since Facebook’s defaults for boosted posts make it very easy for you to spend even if you didn’t expect as much reach for the post as Facebook initially told you.

Your followers and their friends are also targeted by default, but these friends often do not belong to your target audience, so there will be useless views.

There are other advertising options besides boosting a Facebook post, and you should at least know what they include.

To create an ad campaign, you could also use Facebook’s Ads Manager.

You can run an ad campaign for as little as one dollar per day (provided your CPC is 50 cents or less). And, by manually bidding, you can get the most bang for your buck, pay less and get better results. The ad can also be set up to charge for clicks rather than views. 

Through Ads Manager, you can use custom audiences and target specific demographics, along with user behavior, to target Facebook users. 

Boosted posts also have these options, but they are more difficult to find. If you want to boost, you’ll need to dig more deeply into the settings to target custom audiences.


The truth is that while it’s fine to boost posts occasionally, it might not always be the best option for advertising your small business on Facebook.

If you’d like to learn more about paid Facebook advertising for your business, contact us for a free strategy session.

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