Social Media Trends to Improve Business Reputation

Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends to Improve Business Reputation

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The year 2017 is ended and 2018 has started with new energy, new hope, and of course with new trends in Social Media. We can sum up 2017 as the happening year for almost all the Social Media platforms. This creates the urge to know what trends will be followed in 2018 in social media. Few mainstream social media trends that will rule all social media platforms in 2018 are discussed here:

Social Media Trends 

1.More focus will be given to Generation Z 

Generation Z is the most recent generation that will hold the most buying power than millennials. The estimated average maximum age of Generation Z is 22 years. These are the buyers who are beginning to enter the buying market and so they will hold buying power for some time. The preferred choice for this generation is Instagram and Snapchat.This is the generation that uses social media maximum for buying and selling. So, it is very well predicted that Instagram stories and Snapchat will rule on Social Media platform in 2018. Due to this reasons, more importance is given to them by Online Reputation Management Services.

2. Instagram stories is the new coming trend

In the last year, Instagram stories surpassed the Snapchat viewers and that also just after one year of its launch. More and more are using Instagram stories and it is increasing.The advantages with Instagram stories are that it is easily traceable. It is estimated that over 200 million people are using Instagram stories and the numbers are still increasing. This is almost 50 million more than Snapchat users. The trend will be continued in 2018 too.

3. Augmented reality will be on the rise

With the announcement of Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 10, it has become possible to bring augmented reality experiences in mobile phones, as both these devices have a new chip that allows augmented reality. It will give a way for social media platforms to incorporate that newer technology and no social media optimization company can give less importance to that. It can even add a new feature to Snapchat or Instagram like adding of new filters through which a user can take a selfie with a celebrity.

4. Continuation of influencer marketing strategies

Last year many big companies like Rolex, Hubspot, North Face have used influencer marketing strategy and they have reported that it is successful. The use of influencer marketing strategy is to make new customers and to connect with the existing client base. In 2018 more companies will use this strategy than a traditional marketing strategy.

5.Twitter can shine again 

In last year Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram were getting more followers than Twitter and the decline of the use of Twitter was very visible. There are high chances that Twitter will shine again in 2018 with new features that can attract more followers. There are possibilities that Twitter can revamp its old platform or can sell the company to private investors. So, have an eye on Twitter is a must for any social media optimization company.

6. More restriction can come on social platforms

Social Media is extremely criticized nowadays and it even provides easy access to some criminals to fetch out information. This has given rise to internet-based crimes. Plus, social media shows many ads which are inappropriate for that particular user. So, there are chances of change in the features through which a user can put more restrictions so it will not serve beneficial for the sellers.

7. Facebook Spaces will get introduced

Facebook is working on the project named Spaces which allows the friends to connect to Virtual Reality. It is working to own a virtual software and hardware reality company. With that newer technology, Facebook will go one step higher. It will launch that in 2018 but the dates are not fixed. That newer feature will definitely add a new dimension to Social Media.

8. Digital hangouts can play crucial role 

Gen Zers is used to hang out with friends and Facebook is trying to make some program with similar function. If they become successful then they will add the new function to their platform. Live video chats with individual or groups are very important on Social Media and it will lead the trend in 2018 also.

Conclusion –
2018 is going to be a very happening year for Social Media trends. Video streaming and augmented virtual reality are the things that are likely to get highlighted in this year by Online Reputation Management services and it will add spice to the experience of users of Social Media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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