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Author: Lori Newman

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Photo of the office of Newman Web Solutions Web Design and SEO Marketing Agency in Marietta GA

Newman Web Solutions is one of the top-performing digital marketing agencies in Atlanta that enables market leaders to make a real, profitable change for their business. We provide unique search engine optimization (SEO) and web marketing solutions that engage the right audience and fill our clients’ sales funnel. Over the years, we have consistently developed SEO solutions that increase leads, web presence, traffic and conversions. Our...

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Photo of a home service provider doing his own Marketing on a computer

Marketing for home service companies is critical if you want a steady flow of leads consistently. If your business is within the home service industry, say, for instance, plumbing, then maybe the idea of marketing had never occurred to you. Typically, most plumbers have a busy schedule hopping from one project to the next. The idea that you need to establish as a household name...

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Contractor for a construction company looking at Marketing Strategies

Marketing for Construction CompaniesMarketing for construction companies is crucial if you want to grow your business. Thankfully, there are a number of effective marketing strategies for construction companies that can attract new customers and sustain your business for years to come.1. Utilize Email MarketingThere are many free or inexpensive email marketing services that allow you to easily send promotional emails. You'll be able to design engaging...

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Image for Marketing Funnel - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

If you’re doing business in today’s digital age and you’re not using marketing sales funnels to your advantage, you’re missing out on one of the greatest opportunities in sales marketing. From the moment that a customer is exposed to a product or service, a series of mental processes begin to happen that can ultimately lead a customer into making a purchase.Understanding how this process works...

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The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

If you've ever bought just about anything that costs a decent amount of money, you know the power of customer testimonials in boosting sales. The more expensive a potential product or service purchase is the more thoroughly you want to check it out. Invariably, part of this vetting process involves customer reviews. In fact, 84 percent of people trust these reviews as much as recommendations...

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Google My Business: How to Get Your Local Business Listed on Google Maps

Launched in 2005, Google Maps has become a critical tool for local businesses to reach potential customers in their geographic region. If you run a laundromat, restaurant, plumbing company, HVAC company, auto mechanic shop, coffee shop or any other local service type business in the Atlanta area, your survival depends on local customers. Google My Business is where local SEO comes into play. The Importance of...

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New Website Launched: SEO Checklist

If you're starting a new business or trying to breathe new life into an existing one, getting a new website launched is a critical part of your marketing plan. There have never been more options available for designing new websites than you will find today. There are online website builders as well as more digital marketing agencies than you can shake a stick at all...

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Google Ranking Factors for 2020

Ranking highly in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is the most important thing that you can do to increase the amount of traffic heading to your website. However, what you need to focus on to make that happen is constantly in flux. Google continuously changes its areas of focus are to ensure that those using its search engine will continue to receive what they’re...

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3 Key Steps for a Successful SEO Strategy

It's essential to follow the correct steps to create a solid SEO foundation. With the proper plan in place, it's a matter of staying disciplined while keeping the focus on the overall strategy. Companies that do that earn high rankings and discover the many benefits of excellent organic search placement.Which three steps will you need to take for your successful SEO strategy? Consider the stages...

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What is Google E-A-T and Why Does it Matter for SEO?

In 2013, some SEO industry blogs started talking about Google EAT and began considering exactly what it was and how much of an impact it was having on search results. However, that interest seemed to trail off some in the years that followed.That all started to reverse in 2018, when Google's Medic Update resulted in reputable, well-researched websites receiving priority on search results, and focus...

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