Our Web Design Process In Developing Successful Sites

Carefully tailored to cultivate collaboration and creativity.

As professional Atlanta web designers we consider your input crucial to our creative process. With a teamwork approach, we’ll create a shared vision that acts as our guide throughout your website project. Our most creative work comes from merging your expertise with ours. From brainstorming to deployment, we’ll guide you through each step of our web design process.


We want to be sure you nail the design brief upfront, and cover any important design requirements before we start the work. A web design brief is a document that guides the entire web design process. It should be as comprehensive and detailed as possible, and serve as a common point of reference for everyone involved. Clearly communicating your requirements is vital in getting the website you love. It will help the designer understand your vision, quote accurately, and avoid miscommunication and any costly re-iterations.


Once we have all the information we need from you, we’ll build you a visual sitemap so we can develop the architectural framework for your project. A sitemap gives everyone a clear understanding of the project scope so that your project can proceed smoothly and with less problems. Most successful projects occur when the client and designers are all on the same page and are in completely understanding of the project deliverables. Here’s an example of one we created.


Visualizing a final product from a series of PSDs, images, or drawings—where everything is static and lifeless—give can be extremely difficult for the average person. This is why we will build you and interactive prototype in the browser to show you our solution and let you play with it. Prototypes make designing for responsiveness easier. This is where working prototypes really shine! At this stage, the prototype may not be pretty but it gets a lot closer to the end product. User testing with a prototype tells you whether or not your design is on the right track, and if not, what changes are required to get there. Here’s one we prepared earlier.

Design & Develop

Now we get to the fun part! During the design stage we get to play with different colors, fonts and images to bring your interactive prototype to life. We use colors and images to compliment your brand identity. This is why we create your site around your logo. After the design and layout of the site is complete, the site then goes into the engineering part of the process. Here, we will take all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype we created and use them to build the actual, functional site.


Finally, we go incognito for a couple of weeks. This is when we fully test your site and optimize it for performance and search engines. Once everything checks out, we will migrate your website deploy it so you can share and show off your shiny new website.

Interested in hiring us?

Below are some conditions our team requires before working with anyone.

You Need a Plan

When planning a new website and developing your website goals, it’s vital to consider who your ideal visitor is. You should have a plan with clear goals & objectives. For example:

Goal: Improve interaction with existing and potential customers.
Objectives: E-mail mailing lists,  live chat, webinars, and content designed to give your customer a reason to return.

You Need to Have Passion

Building a business is hard work and it takes a lot of commitment & time. You will need passion to drive you and keep you going when things get tough.

We prefer to work with passionate people who believe in theirselves and what they are doing. Our mission is your vision.

You Must Have A Budget

You need to be willing to invest in your own business. If you are not unwilling to invest in your own business, then why should anyone else?

You will need to treat this project as an investment and follow our suggestions and work with us in order to get a positive return.


You Need to Have Time

If we decide to work together, please understand that we will demand your full attention in order to meet deadlines. We are picky about who we work with and how many projects we accept at any given time.

Since we run a tight ship it’s not unusual for us to have a waiting list, so deadlines are important to us as well. If several weeks go by without hearing from you, we will be forced to move on to the next project. If you are ready to commit & get started, hit the apply button below.

Does the Shoe Fit?

If this sounds like you, let’s get the ball rolling! To get started just fill out our Website Worksheet and we will contact you directly to schedule a free consultation.

Website Worksheet

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